Still Honoring Bourdain & Myself Over Firsts

I was inspired to write and honor Anthony Bourdain after his recent passing. You may visit this link for my tribute to THE man who embodied “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown”.

One of my favorite quotes by unknown is “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” In his honor, I visited Urban Butcher in Silver Spring, MD for the first time the weekend after Bourdain transitioned. Their specialty is MEAAAATTT!!! They happen to have a great happy hour menu. The bonus that day was breathing in the fresh air after what was becoming the normal DMV rain rush from their open air bar.

Me and a buddy Anthony cheersed (sp) Bourdain over a refreshing Lavender Margarita. And, in true food exploration fashion, for the first time I excitedly delighted in the Lamb Tartare w/Moroccan Spices served with Hummus and Grilled Flatbread. The Moroccan spices were everything with each bite. Although, it almost felt as if I was dining on a raw lamb burger. Lol Which I will return to try. And, the flatbread was perfectly grilled and soft. While the lamb tartare is the star, the bread will make or break the experience.

I was grateful for our bartenders, CC and Liam who provided welcoming, friendly, and attentive customer service. I’m a new fan of this spot.

Thank you Bourdain for inspiring many to explore with an open palate for food, culture, connection, humanity, fun, and love. Your legacy and inspiration will most certainly live on in the hearts and palates of many. RIP!

And, may we all be inspired and motivated to have an abundance of joyful and YUMMYLICIOUS firsts in ALL things, experiences, and moments in the name of love and life. I continue to be reminded that I am deserving and worthy of it ALL. And, so are YOU lovelies! Cheers! #BeDoLove #Yummyliciousness #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFULLPurpose #HealingEqualsFreedom #AllRoadsLeadToMentalHealth #SuperSoulSunday

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