Dayum Anthony – My True Fantasy Chef Confessions

I swoon and crush over celebrity chef. You know when people see their favorite artist, athlete, or actor in person and lose their mind? I’m like that with chefs (Not loud and kooky, but in my subtle way.). This is not only celebrities, but also my favorite local chefs. Peter Prime at Spark in DC is my new local chef crush. Please don’t tell him. I don’t want him to be weirded out when he sees me coming. SMILING!!! BIG!!! And, goofy. Oh, and that time I dated a chef and we lived together. JACKPOT!!! Talk about GOD and won’t he do it. (tee hee)

Chefs are our comforters, nurturers, teachers, connectors, and healers. They take care of us. As teachers, they challenge us to open up our palates. Although they may not be owners, they create a space to meet, exhale, and connect. They don’t know us, but they love us (Or they do know us and love us anyway. Lol). And, that love breathes life to our spirits through their culinary gifts. So we should always take moments to thank and appreciate our chefs. Whether sending your compliments to the chef through your server, a manager, or if you see them walking around.

As someone who loves to chef myself, I get it. I love creating a comfortable space in my home to be. And, then there’s that experience when my dining guest(s) taste something I’ve prepared and they get that look of “GURL! You put your foot in this”. You know that feeling when you’re dining out and taste pure deliciousness. Your tongue’s taste buds light up like water to a flower. Man, it’s amazing the feeling when seasonings, marinades, sauces, creams, or ingredients in a good bourbon or gin cocktail can rest on and ignite your tongue. It’s like, with that first bite or sip, without any control or thought your eyes shut and your shoulders sink slightly. Then you come back to life from your trip to heaven, taking a deep breathe as you’re now able to take it all in. Your eyes open slowly and you do that shaking your head back and forth like dayum. Now that my friend is about a 3 second quickie food orgasm. Goodness! I think I now need a cold shower.

So about Anthony Bourdain. My friend Rosetta hit me up one day and was like I can see you hanging and doing the show with Anthony. This was without her knowing how I dig him. As a lover of food, travel, adventure, intriguing storytelling, humanity and connection, I’ve fantasized many of times about traveling the world with Anthony Bourdain. In my fantasy world, he and I delighted in all things in the name of food, exploration, discussion, connection, and full on fun. Nights, where we would chill hard in some far off, in the cut, and beautiful land cussing and carrying on over a beer or cocktail in flip flops to the wee hours of the morning. Where he would come to DC with me first stalking him so I could meet him. Then dining and cocktailing as VIPs in my hood, while having fun and talking about life and where to next. Yep! I would do that. My drives to and from work with self can be very interesting. I never delighted in any of Anthony’s meals. I sure wish I had. But, I love how he opened up one’s palate to food and so much more to include being able to humbly and comfortably flow amongst many different people, environments, and cultures. Anybody know how I can get in touch with Gordon Ramsey?

I’m not going to go into a lot of talk about mental illness, depression, isolation, and suicide in this post. I’ll save that for the next. I just wanted to stop through and honor Anthony (and all chefs) and how much I thought of him and his talented, cool, sexy, fun, intelligent, and inspiring self. Man, he put the “SWAG” in “SWAGGALICIOUS”. But, of course. He was birthed in NYC after all. He seemed like a real and down to earth dude. Watching “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” was always a treat. The irony about the name of the show is the unknown parts of him many didn’t know and he struggled with.

Hearing of his suicidal death this morning on the news, the anger and disbelief was my first reaction. Me literally yelling out “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” When I started writing this, the sadness started to set in and then it became therapeutic. I think I’m going to dine out this weekend (maybe I’ll cook something) and honor Anthony over what I pray is an eye rolling meal. And, clink a glass for him, love, life, humanity, eating, and living. Peace be unto you Anthony. Ya did good. Cheers! Peace be unto to you my friends and family. And, peace be unto me. Yeah, me too, as I am not immune to the struggle. And, wishing you all a yummylicious, fantasy filled, and dreams come true day, weekend, and life. Eat! Pray! Love! Namaste. #BeDoLove #Yummyliciousness #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFULLPurpose #HealingEqualsFreedom #TherapyWorksIfYouWorkTherapy #AllRoadsLeadToMentalHealth

Update: I visited Urban Butcher in Silver Spring, MD for the first time yesterday. Their specialty is MEAAAATTT!!! They have a great happy hour menu. The bonus was, breathing in the fresh air after what is becoming the normal DMV rain rush from their open air bar. Cheered Bourdain over a refreshing Lavender Margarita. And, in true food exploration fashion I excitedly delighted in the Lamb Tartare w/Moroccan Spices served with Hummus and Grilled Flatbread. The Moroccan spices were everything with each bite. Although, it almost felt as if I was eating a raw lamb burger. Lol Which I will go back to try. And, you can’t go wrong with perfectly soft flatbread. And, CC and Liam at the bar provided welcoming, friendly, and attentive customer service. I’m a new fan of this spot. Cheers!

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