You Are Worthy! When Ms. Viola Speaks! We Listen!

On the red carpet of The Golden Globe Awards Sunday night, Viola Davis (fierce with her afro) was interviewed. During that interview she said “We’re born being worthy.”

Hearing her say those four words was profound and so needed as we journey into a new year. Even for me in that moment to include co-singing with “YAAAAAASSSS GODDESS! Teach! Believe IT! Know IT! Breathe IT! Live IT!” However, it made me think about when I hear people say they are not worthy or deserving. Hearing that always baffles me. It’s as if they are saying the blessing(s)/gift(s) that I’ve received were not meant for me. Or I am not deserving of joy. Like “Why Me?” To that I say “Why not you?”

I understand the concept of being humble. I totally get that. It’s the self-loathing that’s concerning as it can be a form of sabotage. Being thankful and having gratitude is essential for acknowledging the blessing(s)/gift(s) from which it came from. It also allows us to be open and have the door revolve continuously with an abundance of love and purpose.

I also believe that what is for me is made just for me. And, to not confuse not worthy or deserving, with perhaps something or someone may not be for me. Because, for example, if you worked really hard to get a job and did everything (had the bomb resume and practiced for and had amazing interviews) you were supposed to do and you didn’t get that job. Perhaps it’s not because you weren’t worthy. Perhaps it wasn’t the job for you. And, you now have to presence yourself to be directed and guided elsewhere. That goes with anything else to include intimate relationships or even friendships.

Know and believe you are worthy. Know and believe you are deserving of the love, the job, the house, the business, the confidence, the fierceness, the fun, the children, and many of your wildest dreams. Those wildest dreams are embedded in your mind and spirit for a reason. If it’s your purpose and destiny, when it happens, you will truly feel it’s SoulFULL foundation. If it’s not for you or the expiration date has reached, you’ll be required to listen intently to your spirit. Taking your temperature and listening for the 🎶Joooyyyandpaaaainnn🎶. And, ultimately knowing you are worthy of the joy.

Allow IT that which you are worthy of with an open door to make its way to you with ease. The worthiness in which God has purposed you here right now at this time will manifest itself with your and only your purposeful walk. That same walk of “I am worthy of this fierce afro” Viola rocked. Lighten up lovelies. Breathe, listen, and believe! For our time is NOW! Wishing you peace, healing, clarity, purpose, fun, silliness, fierceness, and joy in 2018 and beyond. Peace. Namaste. #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose #HealingEqualsFreedom

“Joy and Pain” – Maze featuring Frankie Beverly –

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