Let it Go! Set it Free! Set it Free!

Wrote a poem. Wanna hear it. Here it go. “Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.” —Erykah Badu

Sometimes we got to let it go.  Let it go and purge.

Let Go of all those things, yes all of those things.  The clothes, the old letters, the stuffed animals, the boxes full of past treasures that we have collected throughout our life that now hold no true meaning.  And, that now present huge baggage that is weighing us down like quicksand we’ve accidentally found ourselves in the middle of as we run through the forest as if we are suddenly caught in the middle of a B grade horror movie.  SCREAM!!!  Watching ourselves slowly fading out of sight that we can’t even breathe or even see what is truly meant to be.  Things can be beautiful and tell a million stories of past times that have shaped us extensively. But, now they are just memories.  Just history taking up space that we really need in order to breathe.  Get rid of that stuff.  Set it Free!  Now grab my hand so I can pull you up into the fresh air of a new day that was created just for you so you may Be Free!

Let Go of all those people that we hold onto so tight with a Kung FO grip that we deem to be so valuable to our life yet so destructive and detrimental to our soul.  Our soul that is begging to expand and grow like a beautiful blooming flower, yet we hold it hostage and control it because of our fear to just Let Go as we welt away never to grow.  Yeah, we get to still love those children of God through and through, who in some way or another has added color and growth to our life—which we knew.  But, sometimes it is best to love at a far so that we may draw nearer to that real bright star that we can’t catch because our hands aren’t free.  Free to draw the person(s) closer to you who are anxiously waiting in line for you to open the door and ask them to come in.  Come into your heart!  Come into your soul!  Come enter your spirit so that together you may soar and grow and experience your destiny, whatever that may be.  Divine Order!  Set it Free!  Be Free!

Hurry before it’s too late.  Too late for the chance for new opportunities that can only be created when we open a space to have it enter and positively fill our soul and revive the spirit that has been begging to be saved from you.  Are you blocking the blessing?  Let It Go.  Release the grip, please.  It’s okay. For real you’ll see.  Set it free so that you may be free to be.  Free to BeDoLove!  kcb

I was looking through some past writings/poems of mine and found this.  I wrote it back on February 10, 2010 at 1:30am.  I wonder what I was going through at that time.  But, I thought it quite appropriate to share as we enter the new year and we give way to new beginnings. Namaste. ONWARD! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose #HealingEqualsFreedom

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