Silence the Noise for You are Wonderfully Made – Swaggalicous Alert

This weekend I had what I call a Mahogany fierce moment. I’ve always wanted a hawt hat similar to what Diana Ross wore in the movie “Mahogany.” I finally purchased one recently at a holiday pop-up shop. This picture man is a “falling in love with myself and life all over again” moment for me. And, I can NEVA have too many of these moments. Can you dig it? 🎶Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are going to? Do you know?🎶

Even as beautiful, talented, successful, and fierce Diana Ross’ character Tracy was in “Mahogany”, she was flawed. Lost in the confusion of who she thought she should be. Who others (Billy Dee, community, and fashion industry) thought she should be. Versus who she was really put on this earth to be. 🎶Do you get what you’re hoping for? When you look behind you there’s no open door. What are you hoping for? Do you know?🎶

So many questions. And, sometimes not the right answers. Let’s face it, we struggle as we search. One moment you’re full of joy, passion, and excitement. On top of the world as a result of one amazing accomplishment after another. Degrees. Homeownership. Career success. Amazing friendships. Rising out of poverty. Marriage. Children. Travel. Checking one bucket list item off after another. Wishing we can ride the wave of euphoria. Forever and ever. AMEN!

However, life has a way of happening as “the noise” makes its way in, serving a heavy dose of distraction. Overshadowing the beauty of who we are. Who we were put here to BE! Think about the Anthony Perkins character in the movie when Tracey wasn’t responding to him and his ego was bruised followed with him speaking to and treating her badly. Similar to this, messages can be received from those who speak in terms of “You can’t.” “You aren’t.” “You won’t.” The judgements. The gaslighting. Passive aggressive behavior. The unconscious yet conscious underhanded sly, sarcastic, snarky, making someone the butt of your jokes while thinking you’re being cute or funny, while really cutting like a knife into one’s spirit. Where ego wins over humanity and love. Resulting in creating feelings of unworthiness. Or worst. They can come from self. This being as a result of buying into the painful noise and messages from our birth to adulthood, from those who are in pain. 🎶Now looking back at all we’ve planned. We let so many dreams just slip through our hands. Why must we wait so long before we’ll see? How sad the answers to those questions can be.🎶

We as humans have moments in our lives when at any unsuspecting gut blow moment can become a low time here on this earth. Where you’re wondering “How did I get here?” “This is so fucked up.” Trust, I’ve had my share. Those moments that can render me with breath yet lifeless. As the doom and gloom is real and debilitating. But, what I know is that ownership and holding myself responsible and accountable for my life is essential. Accountable for where I am at any given moment. For my feelings of worthiness. For my self-love and self-care. For if it’s to be, it’s up to me to move with courage, strength, HEALING, spirituality, inner-knowing, clarity, vulnerability, love, and decisiveness. And, not the unloving noise of what one may think of me or I think of myself. But, figuring out my paths (for there are many) and not beating myself up when the hiccups or self-sabotaging Grand Canyon like boulders block my way. The key is appreciating and loving you for wherever you are in this moment.

To me/you I say don’t let the noise dim my/your purposeful light. Don’t let the noise have you lose your excitement and zest for YOU and who you were placed here at this very moment to be.
When I presence myself, I create confidence building moments. Like funking it up with a sexy ass outfit or allowing spirit to guide me through writing. Or when I wake to the dawning of a new day, as I’m grabbing my toothbrush, I look up in the mirror in all of my sleepy disheveled rawness and say “thank you.” And, “I love you.” Choosing to drown out the noise. Speaking not only to me, but also speaking to God in gratitude for waking me to live and breathe another day. To be a gift, another day. Grateful for a do over opportunity, knowing it’s never too late, but understanding life is indeed short. A “new moment, new opportunity” moment.

To you I say, we are all imperfect yet perfect beings. Where giving up with wallowing in the pain with shame and blame is not the prelude to your final credits. For when you silence the noise and create your own confidence builder moments, none too big or small, you’ll be able to hear and be led to what is true for you. For we need YOU! You needs YOU! Your work is not done here. Because, deep down in your soul you know where you’re going to. That space and place where you and your SoulFULL Purpose get to evolve and shine.

The road to glory may or may not be perfectly mapped out. But, the key is to pause and be purposeful in drowning out the noise. And, seeking love and guidance from God, your angels, self, and empathic unions that I also call our loving cheerleaders. Knowing that it is not about how you started, but how you finish with honor, growth, respect, success, understanding, humility, compassion, patience, integrity, healing, grace, love, joy, fun, and FREEDOM! And, just like Tracy, evolving one step at a time. One moment at a time. One day at a time. One sunrise to sunset at a time to true love of self, others, and life. You know where you’re going to. It’s time to Believe IT, Be IT, Do IT, and Love IT and YOU! We got this. ONWARD! “Dasher! Dancer! Prancer…” Namaste. #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose #HealingEqualsFreedom #SuperSoulSunday #SwaggaliciousAlert

PS: But, for real. How could Diana not take her tail back to Chi-town? Cause can’t nobody deliver a line and rock a turtleneck in the sexy and suave way that Billy Dee can. Nobody! “Let me tell you something, and don’t you ever forget it. Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with! If you ever become Tracy James again, you’ll know where I’ll be.” (Sigh)

Mahogany movie –

Mahogany (1975) – Brian (Billy Dee Williams) – Success is Nothing quote –

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    1. Thank you Yomi! Sure I’ve heard the song a lot. But, not until I started writing this blog did it take on a defined meaning. That hat give me life. Love! 💞

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