Rise and Shine My Lovelies! It’s Your Time!

After an amazing and beaming super moon last night, we rose today to a gorgeous sunrise. So grateful for rising to the beauty of another day and sunrise. I am alive. You are alive. I am breathing. You are breathing. We get a do over today to be different and do different. It being a “New moment. New opportunity.” We get to forgive and give. We get to love and live. We get to BeDoLove.

Whatever you’re going through at this moment always know you are love and loved. You are enough. And, keep the faith, knowing it’s never too late. That as long as you are breathing your wildest dreams to your purposeful life can come true and catapult you to a loving and joyous life.

Today and always take time to pause, breathe, exhale and listen to where you are being guided. Truly your steps will be divinely ordered. But you must have the courage to also move and take action. You have it in you. You are all powerful. You are enough.

Rise and shine. We need you. You need you. Someone(s) are waiting to be blessed by your presence and gifts. Your family, friends, lovers, colleagues, and those seen and unseen await YOU! Please and thank you.

You are enough, Kathryn Charmaine Boxill. You are enough my lovelies. BELIEVE! I love YOU! May peace, compassion, strength, perseverance, grace, and joy be with you now and always. Rise and shine! Rise and shine! Rise and shine! ONWARD! Namaste! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose

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