Thanksgiving Culinary Love with a Touch of Spice Suite Essence


For Thanksgiving, I was led by spirit to spend a nice and chill time in the comfort of my home. This was followed by me going all out and being grateful for these skillful hands of mine and my five senses working together to create culinary magic.

First, there are the traditional menu items, however, experimenting is so much fun. With that, I roasted (usually sautéed) Brussel Sprouts for the first time. I got funky with it, preparing Roasted Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Lemon Ginger Balsamic Vinegar and BACON!!! Because bacon makes EVERYTHING taste better. Oh yeah! This dish was the essence of the meal.

I also prepared a “Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole”, “Cornbread Stuffing”, “Roasted Whole Chicken (Perdue always comes thru.) w/Honey Chipotle Rub” and a new addition to the family of “Creamed Corn”. And, a dear friend was gracious enough to prepare Macaroni & Cheese and Deviled Eggs. I am about to get acquainted with the day after leftovers in 5.4…

Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to give thanks. With that, I am grateful for:

– Breath and life.

– The culinary magic and wonder I’ve been gifted with and passed down from my Trini parents. This gift provides me with the magic of expression of love, uniqueness, creativity, and healing.

– The ability to share this gift with loved ones who get to delight in the love and YUMMYLICIOUSNESS.

Oh! And, shout out to Angel Anderson, who LIVES her SOULFull Purpose through The Spice Suite. This is an interactive spice bar in Takoma Park, where I purchased the balsamic vinegar and rub. I am grateful for Angel and this beautiful and eclectic shop, offering new and wonderful ways to bring the essence to your dishes. It’s a must to check out, especially on this Shop Small Business Saturday. and @thespicesuite

I cannot say enough how I love and am blessed to be able to share my culinary treats. For they are prepared and served as comforting and edible medicable enriched yummyliciousness with the savory and sweet textures of love, fun, happiness, and joy.


Remember to take time out of your normal daily rituals to partake in those things big or small that tap into your creative essence. Those things that can bring much healing, peace, joy, and pride to your spirit. And, that will also inspire and bring joy to others. Enjoy! Cheers! Peace! Namaste! #BeDoLove #BeDoLoveCREATE #Yummyliciousness #IChefToHealDelightAndWriteAboutIt #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose

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