Lovingly Affirming Self and Others

As Howard University homecoming’s go, there is much reminiscing, smiling, laughing, teasing, flirting, and networking. This past homecoming I was fortunate enough to get not only a much required ego boost from the “Dayum! You look good”. But more importantly, I continue to be reminded of a couple of spirit/heart boosts from two young ladies (in their 30s) from the alumni band.

One was telling her husband how much she loves and appreciates me. Which I in return informed them of how much I love their love and creative expression through film. Another, was one of my TBS sorors, who reminded me of a previous conversation we had that she never forgets and often inspires her. However, finding herself getting stuck after thinking about it. My response, “You’re so amazing. In those moments, please pick up the phone and let’s talk it though.”

In both moments I was TOTALLY caught off guard. In awe of the authentic love and adulation. And, reminded that you never know who’s watching or experiencing you at any given moment in a way that can inspire and/or heal.  

This continues to be an extremely reflective time for me (Let’s face it, I’m a Sag so I’m almost always in a reflective/analytical mode.). I think of other times in the past year when I’ve been told I’m a “muse” and “I am worthy and enough”. I am blessed and full of gratitude for all who SEE me. They being beautiful gifts for sharing their genuine and heartfelt thoughts. It’s always the boost necessary to get me through a moment, another day or week, as life is often challenging and I too ponder “Am I enough”? Or “Am I living a purposeful life and being of contribution?”

I don’t take who I am, what I do, or what I speak/write lightly. I am a continuous and evolving work in progress to living a life of walking the walk and being the talk. However, it’s nice to know that I have the ability to inspire for I know that is one of my main purposes on this earth. It’s also nice to be appreciated and acknowledged. It’s a beautiful and affirming feeling to be GOT with messages sent through my enthusiastic cheerleaders/angels. And, I’m clear that it’s important for my healing spirit to be affirmed. However, I take great joy and pleasure returning the same in authentic kindness as affirming others is just as important. Even in this moment I’m participating in a daily affirming exercise with a dear friend for this month. It’s created a creative and refreshing way of expression for the purpose of acknowledging and uplifting another. It’s what we all need. And, please don’t let anyone tell you different.

With that, have you told someone (or yourself): That you love them today? What they mean to you? They are enough? Or extending a simple complement can go a long way. “Hey girl, that’s a nice dress.” “Dinner is amazing.” You are always so great with the children.” “The report you prepared for our meeting was well thought out and helpful.” It’s truly important to pause and take moments every day to let you, your loved ones, colleagues, or even a complete stranger know that you SEE them. We are all pushing through, healing, and looking for that thing that directs us or lets us know we’re on the proper path. Extending appreciation, affirmations, and gratitude to others and self can help to remove us from suffering and being stuck into hope, healing, and love. You never know when the heart you touch with your heart will be what’s needed in that moment to know they are enough and to breathe and move forth to another day or just that moment.

Be a gift/muse today and ALWAYS! Be YOUR gift/muse today and ALWAYS!

I love you. And, you know what? You are ENOUGH! You are ENOUGH now and forever! Amen! Say! No, scream with an all knowing from the depths of your soul “I.AM.ENOUGH”! Breathe! And, one more time. “I.AM.ENOUGH!” You truly are lovely. You truly are.

Keep the faith and hope lovelies to LIVING and attracting what’s true for you. Trust, God and your angels got your back. Namaste. #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose #SuperSoulSunday

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