Seattle Chronicles- The Great Wheel & Miners Landing

Experiencing the lovely sites here in Seattle. Find one wherever you are and take it in today. It could be just a matter of outside your door and being open to receiving the abundantly beautiful gift(s). Breathe! Exhale! Peace! Love! #BeDoLove #WorkHardPlayHarder #FindYourZen #TravelHeals #BreatheAndExhale #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose

The Great Wheel – The 175 foot tall, 170,000 pound Ferris wheel sits on Seattle’s waterfront over the Puget Sound on pier 57 near the Pike Place Market and Seattle Aquarium. The wheel is the only one of its kind to be built over water. And, at 175 feet, it’s the tallest great wheel on the entire West Coast as of its opening in 2012.

Miners Landing – The historic pier where it all began! In 1897, the steamship Portland, weighed down with the first load of gold from the Klondike, docked at the pier where Miners Landing now stands. Now, Pier 57 is home to the Miners Landing, a family-friendly shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex.

“The Seattle gold rush of 1897-98 was more than just an interesting story. It was the major turning point in the city’s history.”

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