Blessings in Whispers – Tiger Got a Life Line

Do you believe that sometimes the situations we deem the worst thing that could have happened to you could have been the best thing that could have happened for you?

I saw the Tiger Wood on the side of the road video the other day. Dude was not in a good way. Not only was he incoherent, he also had at least one punctured tire. Yet many prefer to focus on that he got arrested. It’s typical folk wanting to sweep what’s most important under the rug all for the sake of how it looks. It’s why so many of our people and families are in turmoil. We look good. We’re dressed pretty. We’re making six figures. Got a nice house. So that makes everything okay when we know it’s not. 

I’ve learned that God will send whispers with messages about it being time to get your life right. To get you off the road to nowhere good, on to the path of living your SoulFULL purpose. The more you ignore them, the whispers will get increasingly louder and the lessons will become harder. This is until the thunder is dropped on you to finally get your attention. And, what I do know is the pain that follows when the thunder booms. The key is when that happens to finally listen, feel, deal, heal, and move forth to where you are being directed. Where the true blessing waits for you with bated breath.

Think if Tiger hadn’t been found by the police and arrested. He probably would have woke up and called his people. Got scooped up and went on with his life business as usual. Maybe getting arrested is the wake up call he needed so he’s not the next Michael Jackson or Prince. And, think about that this could be the cry for help he needed to save not only his life, but some unfortunate soul who could be in the line of fire the next time he’s DUI. I don’t know what happened to cause the punctured tire, but he or someone else could be dead right now.

Trust I’m not downplaying or up playing Tiger’s situation. The reality is his celebrity does not exempt him from being human. And, many of us forget that we as humans are all flawed. I don’t know pain the way he is experiencing pain. He’s struggled quite a bit personally (death of loved ones and relationships and addiction) and professionally. But, what I do know is we never have to walk this road alone. Whether struggling with physical, mental, and/or emotional pain, we must seek out and find those trusted souls who can support, help in our healing, and love up on us. And, we must be open to those who come to us or we see that require our unconditional love. Vulnerability must outlive and outlast pride and ego. Because, when you’re laying in that casket (or someone else is) it won’t matter how it looks.

The time is now. Your time is now. My time is now. Our time is now for you are not alone. We can get there together. We can be free together. Surrender! Surrender! Surrender! Healing = Freedom! Namaste. #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #SoulFULLPurpose

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