Taking a Stand for Pride, Justice, and Equality

During my recent Inside Out LGBT Radio show on DC’s WPFW-FM, I was honored to have the opportunity to interview three dynamic local and national activists through their amazing work with the DC Mayor’s Office, Black Pride, The Equality March for Unity and Pride, and the Women in the Life Association.

My guest were:

-Sheila Reid, Director of LGBTQ Affairs for DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser and Board President, Women in the Life Association

-Earl Fowlkes, President/CEO, Center for Black Equity, Inc.

-Khadijah Tribble, Local DC Chair, Equality March and Executive and Executive Director, Women in the Life Association

No fear. If you missed the show, here is the recorded link. You can listen at home, at your desk, while driving, preparing dinner… Come back and let us know your thoughts. http://archive.wpfwfm.org/mp3/wpfw_170509_140002lmpab.mp3

The show centered around “The Evolution of Black Pride and How We Fit in (or Don’t) with the Upcoming Equality March”. The discussion focused around how each of the show’s guests are advocating for the Black LGBTQ community. And, what the community can do to grow and thrive as a united force and together with the mainstream LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈community.

The big takeaways from the show is if there is no voice and action there is no progress. And, that ain’t nothing wrong with some partying, but with a purpose is important. Organizations such as Black Pride (DC May 26-29), Women in the Life Association, Black Lives Matter, and those leading the movement through the Women’s March and upcoming Equality March (June 11) are amazing organizations designed to provide opportunities to connect with like-minded people through advocacy, social justice, and entertainment. But, as they say, there’s strength in numbers and each and every one of us are needed to participate in the advancement of our human rights individually and as a community. And, with this current administration, it’s even more important that we become a united movement. Whether you march or not, find your voice (that can be just by voting). This is YOUR way to make a difference (for you, your family, community, and world) because we need you as we strive for dignity, respect, and equality for ALL.

We thank Sheila, Earl and Khadijah as they personally and professionally continue to be consistent stands for the LGBTQ community. And, thank you for visiting Inside Out and providing your insight, and beautiful and fun energies. Please visit their sites for upcoming events and how to participate. Each have workshops, seminars, marches, and/or sources of entertainment coming up this week and beyond. http://womeninthelife.org/. http://www.dcblackpride.orghttp://www.equalitymarch2017.com.

Thank you all for the love and support. Make it a safe and beautiful day and upcoming week. Be great. Be courageous. Be Bold. BeDoLove! Happy Pride! Love! #WPFW #InsideOutRadio #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #SoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot #DCBlackPride #BlackPride #BlackIsBeautiful #BlackLivesMatter #LGBTLivesMatter #EqualityMarch2017

PS: We are in the midst of an important pledge drive. WPFW-FM’s programmers volunteer by dedicating and donating all our time because we understand how important shows like this are. We are a listener supported, and listener driven radio show and station. Therefore, we are asking for your help as it’s not too late to donate and keep WPFW up and running as your source of music and talk you will not hear on any other FM dial. Please visit us at http://www.wpfwfm.org to donate and mark your dollars to Inside Out LGBT Radio. Thank YOU!

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