Harriet (Minty) Tubman “SPEAKS” Truth From Beyond


YOU.MUST.EXPERIENCE.UNDERGROUND’S.S2:E6! YOU MUST. I don’t recall a time where I ever sat in my home and clapped after watching something on television. At a venue. But, not in my home. By myself. This after witnessing the amazing and profound performance of Aisha Hinds portraying Harriet Tubman and speaking of Harriet’s journey… GOODNESS! It occurred during an episode of Underground (episode 6 of season 2) on WGN America. It was as if I was magically transported back in time or at the very least to a Broadway theater’s one-woman performance. Aisha had to make Mama Harriet proud with her resonating, educational, standing ovation and worthy of awards winning performance. And, overall, Underground is a great show. http://www.wgnamerica.com/series/underground


Harriet5Here’s an article interviewing Aisha about the intensity of this episode from receiving the script (one week before shooting nearly an hour of dialogue) to delivery. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/12/arts/television/underground-harriet-tubman-aisha-hinds-interview.html

Lessons were abounding from this episode:

-Good can always come from a broken heart. Harriet came back for her husband, but Harriet3what she really came back to is the beginning of a movement called The Underground Railroad. Cry. Grieve. Mourn. But, also listen. Where you’re really supposed to be will be revealed.

-Your vision is your vision. Everyone will not have the same vision as you. Doesn’t make them wrong. It just means you will need enough courage to walk the road to your purpose with yourself or run the risk of getting dragged down by those not in alignment. This is until your steps are divinely ordered to the person(s) who too feel, taste, and smell the vision. And/or until those previously left behind conquer their fears and are ready to climb on board to their freedom. Respect and not judge another’s vision.

-Speaking of which, one’s freedom may not look the same as yours. Your lane is your lane. We all have our life’s experiences that will determine how freedom resonates. Your freedom could be your ability to finally purchase your dream home. Someone else’s freedom could be the first time purchasing a cart full of healthy (with a few snacks) groceries for them and/or their family.

-The soul speaks hope to the spirit. Hope is essential to succeeding. The moment we stop believing is the moment we begin to suffocate and drown in our sorrow, therefore killing our spirit. However, with hope must come action. You have to listen to where you’re being guided and then act. God and your Gangsta Angels will guide you and protect you. Believe and then proceed with grace and gratitude.

-Lead with intention. This includes being purposeful, detailed, yet careful when requesting your desires through prayer.

-Fear and pain are embedded in our DNA. They just are. The pain transferred from the blood from the whelps extending the length of our ancestor’s backs have carried on from generation to generation. We must continue to do whatever we can to break the chains and pave our way to freedom through our individual healing.


-Women who labeled as not being emotional, too strong, or too independent, are just trying their best to survive and thrive. It’s an extension of when they just couldn’t let them know they won. It’s an extension of having to fend for themselves and their families. They just need to know without a doubt that they can trust you. That they matter. That you will have their back. But, we too much heal our individual woes.

-Even in 2017, there will be those who will not want us/you to be free. We must all do what we can to ensure they don’t win. Doesn’t mean you have to march or lead a movement. It just means you should do what you can to ensure you are heard with the message that we/you matter. This is especially true in our personal lives, whether with our family, romantic, and platonic relationships. We have to be the captain of our faith. Our own Gangsta Cheerleader! The bonus, are those you will attract who will create that safe space for you to land, breathe, and BeDoLove.

Hope! Action! Freedom! Without them, they win. It’s time WE win! But first, it’s time YOU win! Because when you win, we all win. Namaste!

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