Surrendering = Freedom

It’s time to truly LIVE and LOVE. It’s time to surrender by releasing the fear. It’s time to release those things, thoughts, or people that you’ve latched on to all for the purpose of being right and wrongfully secure in your present ego induced suffering state. It’s okay though. I know you’re scared. I am too. No need for guilt or shame. We are all humans living a human experience.

But, it’s never too late. You are always being guided. Trust in the ordering of your footsteps. Silence the misguided voices. Listen to and trust the whispers angelically delivered to YOU for the purpose of empowering YOU to forgiveness of self and others. And, then spring into action to ultimately BE the masterpiece you were birthed to BE. As a child of God you are deserving. Please believe it. Please breathe it. Please BE it.

The time is now. Your time is now. My time is now. Our time is now for you are not alone. We can get there together. We can be free together. Surrender! Surrender! Surrender! Ashe. #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #SoulFULLPurpose

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  1. This was on time. Your writing is inspirational.  The worlds and messages flow together perfectly.

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