Morning Pop Talk – Christmas Style

Pop: 🎶Meeeerrry Chriiiistmaaas!🎶 (Singing it to me. By the way, Pop is an amazing singer just like my Aunt Vilma.).

Me: Merry Christmas Pop. (We talked about what was on deck for the day.)

Pop: Oh, nice card. What’s that a peacock? (Speaking of the Christmas card I sent.) 

Me: It’s a partridge. Like a partridge in a pear tree. (The card has a beautiful and colorful partridge on the front cover. When in the store I made the same mistake calling it a peacock.).

Pop: Oh, that’s what they look like. (we both laugh)

Pop: I went to church last night.

Me: Oh, yeah. Cool. (Thinking he went out to attend church.).

Pop: It was right here. I watched mass from Rome on television. (I think that’s where he said the service took place.)

Me: (Laughing because he got me.)

Pop: I also had a sip of whiskey. I hope that wasn’t blasphemous.

Me: I’m sure it wasn’t.

Pop: Yeah, I don’t think so.

Pop: Okay. Have a good day. BeDoLove! (Pop made me smile big with that one.)

Me: HA!!! BeDoLove! You too Pop. Merry Christmas.

Pop: Be safe.

Me: You too Pop. Love you.

Pop: Love!

Merry Christmas and Loving Holidays all. Wishing you and your family a beautiful, colorful, vibrant, wonderful YOU, day, and rest of the year. And, as Pop said #BeDoLove! Oh, 🎶And, a partridge in a pear treeeee…🎶 Peace! Love! Joy!

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