The Holiday Blues are a Bytch. But Not for Aunt Bunny & Uncle Gus!

First, someone needs you today. And, that someone could be YOU! The reason for the season is thought of to be a time where love and fellowshipping is overflowing through households throughout the world. The scent of pine, cinnamon, Nat King Cole’s soothing voice swirling through each room 🎶Chestnuuuuts roasting on an open fire…🎶, family and friend’s gathering and sharing in their unique cultural traditions, drunk Aunt Bunny with the mustache falling down the stairs and “now that’s a fire” Uncle Gus (pure dopeness Eddie Murphy genius and hilarity, or a wonderful vacation with your sweetheart all can create such a familiar, loving, affirming, and comforting feeling.

However, “The Holiday Blues” are real and are something fierce and can be quite debilitating. Unfortunately, for many the reason for the season is lost and can create much loneliness and emptiness. Disconnected families. Financial hardships. Childless households. Living in shame. Fearful. Health issues. Unfulfilled relationships. Broken Hearts. Grieving the Loss of Loved Ones. These situations and many others are magnified during this time of year. Which is crazy because this should be a time a year when we should be oozing good love feelings.

Trust and believe there is a loved one, coworker, the barista you see every day that needs you RIGHT NOW. People are very clever at masking (sending out their representative). But, if you tune in you can identify them. These are beautiful beings that if nothing else they need to hear your comforting voice. They need to hear I love you. They are craving to be touched and comforted with a loving hug. How a good laugh could fill their heart and spirit if only for a much needed moment motivating them to rise out of bed and get a nourishing bite to eat. A lost soul that needs to know that they are enough and that they are going to be all right. Someone that would appreciate a Christmas Eve or Day church service and/or breakfast/dinner invitation. Someone you can offer to bring a plate to and sit with them for a moment. Someone that just needs loving and not preaching. Someone that just needs to share their story with no judgement. I can go on, but I think you get my point.

And, if you are one that is going through it, just know you don’t have to be alone. You don’t have to feel shame. Trust someone. Let someone know what you are going through. Because, trust I know the feeling all too well. And, I am so grateful and I thank God and my angels for friends and family who know me well enough to know when I’m a bit off and therefore they proceed with love, care, compassion, and kindness towards me. Who then inspires and move me to shift out of my ish and then do the same for others. I am also grateful for those moments when I’m able to push through it and motivate myself to get off my ass and just BeDoLove. 

Well, hopefully this message will inspire you too to pause a moment from the hustle and bustle of shopping and whatever pre-Christmas ritual you do and think about what really matters. And, that’s the uplifting and loving of the human spirit. Someone out there needs you and deserves to be loved up on. And, someone is waiting for your call so they can be there for you. STOP what you’re doing. LISTEN for where you’re needed/who you can call. And, LOVE them/allow LOVE. Oh, the trajectory of change and a big exhale this can create in the Universe when we all BeDoLove. I love you. Be safe. And, Merry Christmas and here’s to a Happy & Fulfilling New Year! Now someone go check on Aunt Bunny with the mustache who fell down the stairs and Uncle Gus (Although they are probably the happiest people in the house right about now.). Peace, Joy, and Love!  #BeDoLove  #FindYourZen  #AllRoadsLeadToMentalHealth

PS: For how I’m affected during this time and helpful tips for you and on how to help others, click on this link of a previous blog post of mine. Oh, and I did a radio show on it too. Had a therapist too to make it legit. 🎶I know you heard me on the radio. Truuuee!🎶

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