Morning Pop Talk – The Day After

Pop: What the hell happened? Is she still in the country? (The day after the election and she still hadn’t spoken to the public.) (Pop is laughing because we Boxill will find humor where humor can be found.) Pop: She should be someplace far and not here. Oh my God. Oh Loooord. Okay. I think what I’m going to start doing is stop reading newspapers and shit because they don’t know shit. (Yeah, right. Pop reads the newspaper EVERYDAY! As a child, I would have to often go out and get his paper. Sometimes the morning and then the evening edition of The Daily News and/or NY Post.) Pop: Aye yi yiiii. (The anguish is real when you yell “aye yi yi”.) Pop: All I’m trying to do is look at crazy movies (Probably old westerns.) and not the news. Pop: How are you? Me: I’m okay. Pop: How did the show go yesterday? (Talking about the live broadcast WPFW show I did on Election Day at Busboys and Poets.) Me: Oh it was good. I felt like I was a part of something with purpose and it served as a distraction. Pop: I missed it. I was on the streets someplace. I went to Barnes and Noble and got a couple of Walter Mosleys. He has a new detective mystery series. The detective’s name is Leonid McGill instead of Easy Rawlins. (Pop’s an avid ready and Mosley fan.) Me: Oh cool. (Pop is preparing for a trip and doing his trip errands. He probably also went to his store on Atlantic Avenue for his cashews.). Me: Okay. Pop I have a meeting about to start. Pop: Okay. Have a good day Me: You too Pop. Pop: Be safe. Me: You too Pop. Love you. Pop: Love!
Pop may have been joking, but I know he understands the seriousness of this moment. He just created a moment to be light in the midst of the nonsense. And, in that moment, hearing him laughing was a much required spirit healer and a “everything is going to be all right” moment for me.

Sure, it’s disappointing and discouraging right now. But, in the midst of the madness we all should find time to laugh. Matter of fact, giggle loudly and often. Your spirit requires and deserves it. We all deserve it. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. Just means that you’re keeping life in perspective and healing your heart that is grieving from the absence of those who do not walk with a loving and humane heart for all. Your lighthearted energy could in turn help to heal another’s grieving heart. And, they another…

With that, take time to feel, grieve, and heal. Take time to love up on you by partaking in things you love and that provide opportunity to breathe and exhale. And, love up on your family and friends who too require nurturing and encouragement. Check up on your people because many are going through it, even if someone is acting unaffected.

May God bless our country and newly elected president (pray for both often). May peace, love, harmony, courage, trust, grace, and forgiveness be unto YOU and us ALL! And, trust that with love, faith and thoughtful, creative, and courageous action we human beings will survive and thrive and come out much better as a people, community, nation, and world. We need YOU to stand in the gap in whatever way resonates with you! But, please STAND. Please LAUGH! In the meantime “Aye yi yiiiiiiiiii.” #BeDoLove #FindYourZen

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