Sunday Funday: A “Stranger Danger” Moment

This morning I’m exiting out of my unit in haste as I am tardy for a birthday brunch. I call for the elevator and the push of the button sounds the “šŸŽ¶Biiiinnnngggg.šŸŽ¶. Around the bend I hear a door lock and then the pitter patter of two children with excited I’m breaking loose giggles. Then out the shadows I hear “Stranger Danger” from an authoritarian female voice. I don’t get offended yet I first laugh at the thought of being convicted of “Stranger Danger” before the witnessing of my self diagnosed gentle soul. Guilty before proven guilty. The little beauties to my serendipitous pure cuteness delight, of course rounded the corner first, followed by the “we don’t play dat” adults and me in my corny, so I think I’m funny way says “I’m no stranger danger”. And we all laugh with then a pleasant ride down the elevator. SCORE!

I get it. We reside in a dangerous world where we often aren’t intentionally meaning, dim the lights and innocence of our blessed children all in the name of keeping them safe. “Keep in mind, “Stranger Dangers” not only are people we don’t know, but they can reside in or visit our homes by those who speak un-affirming and abusive words to our “the world is OURS” children.

Bless our world. Heal our world. Bless our children so they may be able to grow unaffected by those who lights were dimmed by those whose lights were dimmed by those who were dimmed by those who were dimmed…

Well, off to celebrate and get my Mimosa fix. Have a lovely Sunday Funday. And, remember, don’t be a “Stranger Danger”. Instead BeDoLove! Peace!

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