Morning Pop Talk – Father’s Day Edition (Those Darn Mets)

Me: Good Morniiiinnnnggg! Happy Father’s Day! Pop: Thank you. Me: What are you doing? Pop: Nothing right now. Why? Me: It sounds like you’re outside. Pop: No. I’m in. Me: What are you going to do today? Pop: I don’t know. I feel like staying in. But, I’ll see how I feel later. What are you about today? Me: Breana is in the Miss District of Columbia pageant today. Pop: Ohhhhh!! Pop: I’ll see how I feel later. Maybe go by Diane’s. You see there is so much to see on tv. There’s golf (U.S. Open Golf Championship). And, then the Mets (Braves are in NY). Although they are pissing me off right now. Me: What happened? Pop: I saw the stupidest thing last night. Guy hits a double (he’s talking about Mets player vs. the Braves last night). There are no outs. And, what do they do? They wave the guy on second home. You know what happened, right? Me: He got out. Pop: (high pitch irritated voice takes over – moving in the soap box) Why did they have to do that? There were no outs. No outs. They could have had a man on second and one on third. There were no outs. The next batter hits a fair ball. You know what that would have meant? Me: Third base guy comes home. Pop: Well, that messed it all up. (Mets lost 4-3) Pop: Well, I think I’m going to go back upstairs and watch golf. Maybe fall asleep. Me: (lol) Pop: Well, you gotta get it in where you can. Me: I hear that. Pop: Okay love. You have a good day. Me: You too Pop. I love you. Pop: Love. So long.
Happy Father’s Day to all. May your day be filled with love, joy, fun, and a good dozing off. Love! #BeDoLove

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