I Am/You Are a Magnet for Abundant Blessings

AbundanceRepeat after me: Divine connections and opportunities are tracking me down like a silent yet deliberate ninja swooping down. I am a magnet attracting wonderful and well-appointed blessings. Because, as long as I continue to live in good faith, Mother, Father, God, The Universe will reward me with what was ALWAYS meant to be. You must trust and believe your steps were ordered well before you were even conceived.

Don’t hang on to people, places, or things that are not ultimately attracted to you or you to them and do not serve your higher purpose. You MUST let them go to OPEN up those precious spaces for those divinely ordered and beautiful blessings.

Abundance1Why do we pick and choose what is to be manifested? It really is already ours. We can actually have it ALL and be the queens and kings living our true and created just for us existence. Fear no more your power. Fear no more true joy because you are so used to having doubt and pain as a result of dysfunctional experiences and relationships that now have you subconsciously wounded into believing this is all you can have. It’s like thinking an oppressively hot, humid and breezeless summer day can never again exude an effortlessly swirling cool and refreshing breeze that comforts and nurtures your entire being. Chile please. Oh, and also fear no more what they may think or say. You are not responsible for another’s low vibrating walk of shame with each quicksand step now stuck in their righteous hell. Them wanting to drag you down too because they just can’t see what glory awaits them if they can just open up their heart and mind and SEE what is truly and lovingly meant to be!

With the grace, mercy, and favor of God, as long as you are living a life of integrity, grace, and LOVE, the beings, the promotion you wanted, the money for the bills, new house or college tuition, and the love of your life will come. And, whatever else your spirit yearns for as your soul screams out frantically like the GPS for your life with life fulfilling directions and purpose that will gracefully dance into your life one by one by one… It will be so blissfully overwhelming that you will eventually have to pinch yourself as you finally realize and profess “YES! I AM FINALLY LIVING AND LOVING AMONGST THE LIVING!”

Keep the faith. Stay positive in the midst of the storms. Be OPEN and ready to receive. Remember this, you will not see the blessings full bloom unless you are fully present to know when they have arrived and have been planted firmly before YOU and for YOU. And, THEN have the ability to accept them with loving, nurturing, purposeful and authentic actions as opposed to dismissive sabotaging infractions.

The wheels are already turning behind the scenes my lovelies. Again before you were even born as this well-appointed human being. Let the blessings flow like the Niagara Falls cup which runneth over. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Trust and believe life can begin again at this moment and the next and the next… But first you must Believe! Sprinkled with: Love! Faith! Hope! Gratitude! Compassion! Openness! Courage! Vulnerability! Authenticity! Abundance!!! BeDoLove! Repeat… –kcb

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  1. I am a work in progress. I must get myself together to receive my abundant blessings. I MUST let go and let God. I’m learning, slow and steady wins the race.

    1. Hey there love. You must know that you are already together. It’s really about evolving from where we currently are. Keep on keeping on love. Be mindful and present and it will flow. Love you. BeDoLove

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