Join Me Today For HBCU Sports Talk

Please listen in today, Saturday, June 19 from 10am-12pm EST as I join Montoya Smith as a co-host on his Mental Dialogue talk show. LISTEN HERE: CALL IN 646-787-1691.

The topic is “CAN FORMER NFL PLAYERS COACHING AT HBCUS RETURN THEM TO GLORY?” In the past HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (HBCUs) had regularly put players in the NFL to include Hall of Famers, JERRY RICE & WALTER PAYTON. Our special guest HOWARD UNIVERSITY’s Head Football Coach, LARRY SCOTT, who made headlines this year by turning down NICK SABAN’s offer to be an assistant at ALABAMA, drops by to discuss if he thinks the recent hiring of former NFL players DEION SANDERS at JACKSON ST. UNIVERSITY and EDDIE GEORGE at TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY can help them and other HBCUs regain some of their former glory. SANDERS also made national headlines recently when he expressed his disappointment that no HBCU football players were selected in this year’s NFL draft. Are our HBCUs unfairly overlooked by potential COLLEGIATE ATHLETES, and will this influx of NFL PLAYERS as coaches improve recruitment and possibly boost enrollment at HBCUs? What competitive advantages does he think HOWARD and other HBCUs offer STUDENT ATHLETES; and ultimately what does he hope to accomplish by remaining at HOWARD? MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America’s afraid to ask. #MentalDialogue #GiveUsYour3Cents

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