Adventures of a Healing Caregiver Who’s Still HAWT – Yummylicious Friday “Treat Night”

Pop is having a Big Mac attack. 🤣
RIP Pop! 💜🙏🏾💜

Prior to Pop living with me, I practiced a special pleasure ritual that if I wasn’t out and about on a Friday night, it was my “treat night.” Meaning I‘d pick up or have something really satisfying delivered to indulge in the comfort of my home while exhaling from the work week.

Well, it took Pop no time to take great joy in “treat night.” Of course he didn’t shy away from throwing out his random food cravings. And, I did my best to balance and honor his requests as well as my out of the box palate. It was cute when I’d serve Pop and he’d excitedly sing 🎶Treeeeat!🎶 Followed by, “Can I have a drink?” 🥃 But, don’t let me skip “treat night” as he seemed to anticipate it more than me. Pop would say “No treat night?” At times I’d give him that side eye look, thinking he’s so spoiled. However, I enjoyed and was grateful for this special me time turning into our time. But, guess what? I get to continue spoiling me, especially during this healing grieving time. Most will say “Love up on and do something special for someone on this Valentine’s weekend.” Perhaps that someone is YOU today and ALWAYS!

Well treat night isn’t the same without Pop. But, now I get to enjoy it with pleasant thoughts of him. Last night’s pre-Valentine’s Day delights were from DC’s Baker’s Daughter, which is a boutique café and market brought to you by the good folks from Gravitas. I could hear Pop singing 🎶Treeeeat!🎶 Cause man, everything was sooooo darn delicious. While I miss the energy of restaurants and sliding up to a bar stool to chill, dine, and bartender watch, I love how during the pandemic restaurants have pivoted in ways that I still get to enjoy the dining out experience in a different yet still tasty way. I’m still having fun researching, exploring, and being introduced to some great spots.

Presenting Baker’s Daughter 4-course prix fixe dinner ordered on Tock:

Roasted Butternut Squash and Curry Soup (Coconut Milk, Lime, Cilantro, Maryland Crab Salad)

Gnocchi Bolognese (Ground Veal and Beef, Ricotta, Basil)

Seared Scallops (Blood Sausage, Kale and White Bean Ragout, Chimichurri)

Blueberry Cheesecake (Our classic cheesecake infused with blueberries and a graham cracker crust.)

And, because veggies matter, I added on a side of Southern Braised Kale (Kale braised with bacon, onions, garlic, apple cider vinegar and brown sugar).


First time caller and I’ll definitely be back. Oh, and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies… 😋 Mmmmmm… Bon Appetit! Enjoy! RIP Pop! 💜🙏🏾💜 Cheers! #BeDoLove #PopThoughts #FridayTreatNight #SelfCareMatters #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #BeDoLoveSAVOR #BonAppetit #Yummylicious #Yummyliciousness #Foodie #FoodieLife #FoodPorn #ExpandYourPalate #TasteDC #DCFoodie #BakersDaughtersDC #OffTheBeatenPath #DMV

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  1. Awesome! Love the memory & will incorporate a “Treat!” night of my own. RIP Pop Boxill 🙏🏾❤️ and Happy Valentines Day dear Sis 😘

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