Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & DOPE Pop – Thanksgiving Day Morning Pop Talk

This morning at 7amish, I check on Pop as I exit the bathroom. Pop says “Let’s have some coffee together.”Mind you, I thought I was going to get a nice quick zzzz. Thinking if I drink coffee right now, that’s it, I’m up. Maxwell House coffee break won with our favorite mugs.

I give thanks and am grateful today that on Thursday, November 26, 2020 Pop is still with us, sipping coffee, dropping nuggets, taking ish, and laughing.

He’s going from topic to topic. The Supreme Court on NY church/synagogue court case. Flynn. Rush and Freedom of something medal. Obama “Amazing man. He had the love and everything else.” Sean Connery in TMC movie late last night with Ossie Davis. Tonight’s NFL game cancellation. “Big game. I was biting for that one. That’s alright. I’ll pretend the Steelers won.” Now he randomly requested “Laurel and Hardy.” And, now we are watching the Macy’s Day Parade in between Pop’s family/Trinidad/steel pan history nuggets. How appropriate as he was talking history the parade’s Caribbean masqueraders and steel pan performance came on. Pop: That’s beautiful. Turn that up. 🇹🇹

Oh, and Pop declared he was getting ready for Thanksgiving. I guess it’s a Howard kind of day. HUUUUU… U Know!!!


Happy Thanksgiving! Be blessed. Be grateful. Enjoy. Peace. Be safe. Be well. Love. #BeDoLove #91YearsYoung #CareGiversMatter #CareGiver #CareGivers FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud

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