Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & a Now 91 Year-Old DOPE POP – “Let Them Be”

Pop on his 91st birthday on June 16, 2020.


This morning:

Pop: Today is our anniversary.

Me: (looking perplexed)

Pop: From when we left the hospital.


Last year, shortly after celebrating Pop’s 90th on what was also Father’s Day, he became extremely ill. This followed with him spending pretty much the entire summer of 2019 in Kingsbrook Hospital in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. His long stay resulting in Ostomy surgery and being diagnosed with stage four cancer, which started in the colon and spread to the lungs and liver. Upon his release one year ago today, he immediately (We left the hospital, he grabbed a few things and we were off.) came to Maryland to live with me.


Well Pop turned 91 on June 16. Praise God! Because also almost a year ago, he was given 6 months to a year to live. And, HERE.WE.ARE! The video ( was shot on Pop’s 91st and his message was “Let Them Be.” Which speaks to who he is with his displays of unconditional love, which has always allowed me and many others to “BE!” It’s a message to us all about allowing others to “BE” who they are meant to be and not who you think they should be. And, remembering we all have our own unique personalities and purposes, that should be nurtured to flourish, bloom, and BE!

Pop’s fun and inspiring words on his 91st birthday on June 20, 2020.


From the hospital to now being roommates for a year, Pop has been an amazing example. Even in the face of great pain, uncertainty, discomfort, upsets, loss of a great deal of his independence, and a major unexpected move in the past year, Pop has and continues to be an example of what grace, perseverance, kindness (displayed to the nurses and other hospital staff), fun, and not a care in the world looks like. And, he remains the coolest man on the planet.


Pop, whose been a father figure to many through the years, we continue to be so grateful for your sound intellectual mind to include teachable moments in all things related to integrity and worldly in news, sports, and music (especially jazz and classical), good health, great spirit, get up and go (still plays games, plays along with Jeopardy, and does his crossword puzzles, reads like crazy), Trinidadian roots/birth, Brooklyn swag, intact fashion sense, spiritual essence, a sense of humor, mastery of witticism, hearty laughter, and sweet giggles. And, our “Morning Pop Talk” are always what the doctor has ordered to lighten my spirit and keep me moving through the day. And, I’m sure for others as you typically end the conversation with your loving and inspirational words.


I‘m so blessed and grateful for the unconditional love you consistently shower on me and others. It’s a beautiful way of being you that continues to be an example for us all. You’re an awesome man Pop. You are #BeDoLove. You are the man, the myth, the legend. 😍


Thank you God for gifting us Pop. We are ever so grateful for Pop to be here to continue experiencing the fruits of his labor as I and my family get to provide more and more proud and fun moments for him to witness and brag about. And, as we get to brag about how awesome he is. Pop, I pray for your continued good health, peace and an abundance of love and sweet giggles. We love YOOOUUUU Pop! Cheers!!!


In the words of Pop “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” #MorningPopTalk #BeDoLove #91YearsYoung #CareGiversMatter #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFullPurpose

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