Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & Dope Pop – Always Go for the High Notes

Oatmeal Time!


Someone needs this blessing today. Someone needs to see what Iβ€˜m not phased looks like during a terminal illness and pandemic. This 90-years young man blesses me on a daily in some form or fashion, whether whistling, giggling, humming, calling me darling (I love when he calls me that.), saying thank you, giving me an exploding fist bump (πŸ˜†It took him a while to get it.),dropping knowledge, or talking back to/cussing while watching CNN.


Pop: (At 7 something Saturday on the way to the kitchen for his daily coffee/pastry.) 🎢Did I wake you?🎢 (More so sung than spoken.)

Me: No. (😳 Because, he’s never asked me that.)

Pop: Oh, because I’ve been going since early. (πŸ˜†Like he knows he was on.)


And, he had. I could hear him since early doing almost all of the above. This video was about two hours later from when he first asked if he woke me. It’s during his 2nd morning ritual of the day, warming his oatmeal (He prepares a batch for the week.).

Warming is oatmeal with love and song.


In less than a year, Pop unexpectedly came to live with me to us now isolating together. Life is something else. And, I’ll be the better for it. As he’s such an example of calm, grace, fun, and just not sweating the small or the big stuff for that matter.


Be blessed out there. Be light. Be love. Be expressive. Be fun. Be grace. As Pop say’s, β€œHave a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” #MorningPopTalk #CaregiversMatter #SocialDistancing #StayHome


Double Backstory – In the 1980s or early 1990s, Pop gave up smoking. oatmeal intentionally replaced smoking and became his new norm. Now I can hear when he’s on the phone saying, β€œI’m eating oatmeal so I can gain weight.” 😁 Bless his oatmeal loving heart. Although one day recently, he said he was over oatmeal. πŸ˜† NOT!



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