Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & Dope Pop – Sit & Sip

Rassii recently visited Trinidad to take care of some business. One day my phone rings.


Rassii: What you want from Trinidad? (called while in the store)

Me: Ohhh, I’m good. (pause) (pause) Actually, some curry powder and tamarind balls.

Pop: (who is ear hustling) 1824 or 1787.

Me: 🤨


Well pre-social distancing, the special delivery of the 1787 Angostura Caribbean Rum arrived just in time for Jeopardy. It’s aged 15 years and is serious yummylicious business. I‘m sure Rassii is now on Pop’s good list forever and ever, amen.


Pop: We’re having a sit and sip. Don’t be quaffing. 😳🤣🤣🤣 (One of those Scrabble words. Meaning to drink (something, especially an alcoholic drink) heartily.)

The bonus at that time was my brother Greg visited from Brooklyn (we surprised Pop). It was the first time Greg visited me and he slid in quite comfortably, even navigating himself around the neighborhood via walking (Because that’s what New Yorkers do.). His visit was a breath of loving and fun, fresh air, full of great convo, belly laughs, and sit and sips.

Cheers all from me, Pop, my brother Greg (1 of 3), and my super dope “Bison”, “Showtime”, “Frat Brother”, and angel on earth Rassii! As we navigate these times, may you and yours have relaxing and engaging sit and sips. Cheers!


I am so grateful for the love and support of family and friends. It means a lot to me and most of all to Pop.


Love up on the sick and shut in and caregivers, especially during these concerning times. While visits may not be an option due to the suggested “social distancing”, calls (especially video calls) from a friendly voice could be what is needed at the moment or offering to pick up groceries/essentials and/or a little something special. A nice card is always a surprise welcome nowadays. Also, acknowledging caregivers is so important to their spirit. Loving and encouraging words can go a long way to soothe the sometimes weary heart. Be safe. Be well. Peace! #CaregiversMatter #BeDoLove #PopIs90YearsOldYoung

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