Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & Dope Pop – Play Dates

If you know a caregiver (who doesn’t nowadays), pay them visits. Offer to do something fun with them alone so they can exhale or by including their loved one(s). If you’re the caregiver, release the shame, pride, or the savior “woe is me” mentality. Be gentle with yourself. Remember, you’re not alone in this. You’re not the only one. Invite trusted loved ones to support you during this time. It may require you to expand and extend your net as those you hoped aren’t available.

Moments of fun should be allowed to flow, lighten up, and heal. Request it. Receive it. You deserve to experience joy and pleasure in the midst of it all. Your loved one deserves it. And, your tribe deserves being a gift to you and yours. It truly is the circle of a love-filled and purposeful life. And, I’m so grateful for my tribe who have and continue to be there beyond the lip service with actually being there and showing up. A gift and example.

A couple of months ago Pop requested a Scrabble game. While I’m not a big Scrabble player, I honored his request. Yesterday when mentioning he has a Scrabble play date that included yummylicious Christmas leftovers and Pineapple Jalepeno Margaritas:

Pop: Wait a minute. I haven’t played in a while. That was for me and you to play. People can get really serious when they play.

Me: Pop it ain’t that type of party.


Pop: I ain’t scared.

Well my Howard University Bison sisters came to the rescue. Ardella and I also hadn’t played in a while. Zoe gets it in with her mom so she was able to help with the rules. And, with the daily hours of reading, crossword puzzles, and word scramble 90 year-old Pop does, his vocabulary is extensive. Hence him playing “gladden”, “quint” and “en”. Who in the world knows that “en” is a word?!? 😳 Pop won by a point over Zoe. Me third. Ardella forth. While departing, Ardella declared she’s going to learn some words for the next Scrabble play date. Perhaps I should too, as I pause to appreciate the beautiful gifts of life. And, not wanting to get clobbered (oh that’s a good one) by Pop and Zoe the next time. In the meantime, here’s to wishing you Fun, Laughter, Peace, and Love to you now and ALWAYS! WORD! 😉 Ase #CareGiversMatter #Scrabble #Wordsmith #MyTribeIsDope #BeDoLove #BisonLove #BleedBlue #HowardUniversity #AintNoPartyLikeAnHUParty #InTruthAndService

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