Pop is “90” Years Strong & Sharp – Happy “90th” Birthday!

Only Mr. Enric Quentin Boxill could orchestrate his 90th birthday falling on Father’s Day in the year of 2019. And, I was so honored to gather 60 family members and friends (old friends and his bridge crew) in Brooklyn to celebrate our father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend.

Blessing for the Birthday Worshippers

The day began with attending service at our family church in Crown Heights, Church of St. Mark. Followed by a Sunday Funday brunch experience at Scottadito Osteria Toscana in Park Slope, which was wonderfully orchestrated by Donald (owner) and his team who all were so accommodating and gracious. Family and friends (some before I was born) reminisced, laughed, got reacquainted or met for the first time. Aunt Vilma (his sister) serenaded Pop with “What a Wonderful World” with many joining in. And, of course the after party moved on to our family headquarters (Aunt Vilma’s house). The day after Pop was still giggling as a result of all of the memories and showering of love. Check out what Pop and I had to say here https://youtu.be/hY60qoZ1XWM. I spoke about Pop’s influence with setting the foundation for exploring my spirituality. And, then Pop spoke about turning 90 and his contribution to family, friends, and life as providing a helping hand to whoever he could. Pop’s speech from another vantage point here https://youtu.be/S3TkvFaC9QY.

Scottadito Osteria Toscana

Magnet gift. Card to share memory and/or kind words

Scottadito Osteria Toscana – Owner Donald

Sam and the team took great care of us.

Pop, whose been a father figure to many (supporting many) through the years, we continue to be so grateful for your sound intellectual mind to include teachable moments in all things related to integrity and worldly in news, sports, and music (especially jazz and classical), good health, great spirit, get up and go (still plays Bridge, plays along with Jeopardy, and does his crossword puzzles), Trinidadian roots/birth (he still can cook a mean pot of oxtails and cow heel soup), Brooklyn swag, intact fashion sense, spiritual essence, a sense of humor, mastery of witticism, hearty laughter, and sweet giggles. And, our “Morning Pop Talk” are always what the doctor has ordered to lighten my spirit and keep me moving through the day. And, I’m sure for others as you typically end the conversation with your loving and inspirational words.

Cousins! Nephews! Nieces!

Pop and My Brothers Greg & Terence. Alec was unable to attend but was certainly there in spirit.

Loving Family & Friends

Pop & Aunt Vilma (his sister)

Cousin Damon Shares a Johnny Walker Black Toast

I‘m so blessed and grateful for the unconditional love you consistently shower on me and others. It’s a beautiful way of being you that continues to be an example for us all. You’re an awesome man Pop. You are #BeDoLove.

Nichols Family

Uncle William and Cousin Melinda

Nephew Clive and Nieces Natasha & Saniyah

Brother Terence! Nephew TJ! Sister-in-law Diane!

Thank you God for gifting us Pop. We are ever so grateful for Pop to be here to continue experiencing the fruits of his labor as I and my family get to provide more and more proud and fun moments for him to witness and brag about. And, as we get to brag about how awesome he is. Pop, I pray for your continued good health, peace and an abundance of love and sweet giggles. We love YOOOUUUU Pop! Cheers!!!

In the words of Pop “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” #MorningPopTalk

Parting magnet gift.

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