Happy Birthday Beloved Margo

I awoke yesterday and while hanging out with my dear Ardella I excitedly said aloud “Happy Birthday Margo”. 💜🥳💜 And, I awoke today with you still in the lovingly heavy rotation of my thoughts and heart. Actually, not unusual.

I miss you Margo my friend. Sometimes I still shed a tear from the feeling of loss of you not being here in the physical. However, the feeling of love and gratitude for YOU and who and what YOU represented then and still now to this day out shines. Your smile. Your zest for life. Your intelligence. Your divine presence and essence. Your legacy of the beautiful and amazing Julian and Gabby. Your beauty. Your compassion. Your grace. Your grace. Your grace. Your grace.

I miss yet still hear the way you could articulate any and everything in that Margo style of voice, whether dropping knowledge about a particular subject, joking and laughing to include about big head cats 😉, dancing and singing and dancing and singing, sharing your experiences, or the gift of being firm yet calming me in the midst of one of my emotional storms. Whatever it was my experience of you had me feeling abundantly loved, nurtured, and blessed to have YOU.IN my life and spirit.

It’s the day after your birthday, but never too late to give thanks for you. I thank you for it ALL! And, the beat hasn’t stopped. I know and am clear you live on and love on me in spirit, especially from time to time when you visit me in my dreams or when I still hear your voice or feel your comforting presence during my emotional storms or joyous bliss. It’s a beautiful and magical thing. I honor you and thank you my friend. Please continue to love up on me. Please continue to nudge and guide me. Please continue to visit me. Please continue to be mine and others Gangsta Angel! Happy Birthday My Love! Cheers with a drinky to and for you! Oh, and give Ron a hug for me. Please and thank YOU! Margo LIVES!!! 💜💜💜 Love! Peace and Blessings! Bison Love! Ase.

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