Grateful for the Opportunity to Honor Love EVERYDAY


Valentine’s Day, of course, always brings up all things in the name of LOVE!  “Love is You”, by Chrisette Michele certainly comes to mind for me. It is such a beautiful and melodic song with the message of love beyond the obvious. ♫♪ What’s your definition of it? How does it make you feel? Tell me what you say that truly makes it real. Kings and Queens, Philosophers have tried so hard to find. Tell me what it means to you dear, nevermind…♫♪

Today and ALWAYS I am grateful for love. All kinds of beautiful, belly butterflies, and yet to be discovered moments of love. That falling in love with life all over again kind of love. Let me first clarify. I’m not just talking about that mushy goo goo eye romantic kind of love (although I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that mushy goo goo eye romantic kind of love) which has one angelically gliding to the moon and back. Or the kind of love that sometimes is not really expressed until Valentine’s Day. But, what I’m referring to is love of life;

Love of Mother, Father, God, The Universe. Love for the creation of my all knowing soul.

Love of discovering the newness of life and all that the world has to offer through new eyes that open with the rising of a new bright and beautiful sun. Love of the beauty and wonder of nature. Love of the sound of waves from a silent ocean. Love of a beautiful, vibrant, and scented flower blooming. Love of traveling and discovering near or far. Love of the 150mph adrenaline rush I experience through those crazy and what the heck are you doing invited fear induced adventures culminating with YES! I did it moments.

Love of living and growing with that specially made for me human being. Love of that heart thumping first soft lips kiss that makes me melt like butter baby. Love of that voice that does something yummy inside of me when I hear it. Love of that first look or touch that makes my heart go pitter patter and how it continues at unsuspecting moments throughout our time. Love of fun and playful making out moments. Love of hot, passionate, and free flowing love making sessions. Love of healing, growing, and birthing visions and SoulFULL purposes together.

Love of the innocence of a child who stands to teach me so much if I would just take the time to be still and look and listen to them. Love of an elder who reminds me through their wisdom and life experiences that life is truly meant for the living and that not even a second is to be wasted. Love of remembering those who have transitioned and knowing their spirit still lives on and guides me.

Love of being free to be ME! Love of being at utter peace. Love of being perfectly imperfect. Love of uncontrolled laughter that joyfully pains yet heals my gut. Love of abandoned silliness. Love of sweet vulnerability and grace. Love of unconditional love. Love of just being in the moment.

Love of divinely ordered connections. Love of family in all of their greatness and dysfunction. Love of longtime friendships where I am able to just be who I am meant to be. Love of a new found friendship where I’m being open to living life in a new and profound way. Love of inspiring another to do the same.

Love of tears. Love of keeping it real. Love of what is and what will never be and being okay with that. Love of my broken heart knowing one day through forgiveness it will be healed to love fully again. Love of when I have the courage to put on my big girl panties in uncomfortable situations. Love of self even when I’ve lost my way.

Love of a delicious dish that increasingly tantalizes my tongue with each and every mouthful. Love of discovering each and every swirling note from a wonderful poured full of legs glass of wine. Love of nurturing self and others through my chefing.

Love of destined soul mates. Love of all mankind. Love of being in contribution. Love of receiving with abundant gratitude. Love of selfless giving.

Love of boundless creativity. Love of endless possibilities. Love of the unknown. Love of faith. Love of breathing and living out dreams. Love of a fulfilling career. Love of financial stability and being able to comfortably pay my bills. Love of abundance. Love of gratitude.

Love of a refreshing much required nap in the middle of a lazy day. Love of music and dancing that makes me feel alive, and revives and heals my spirit.

Love of the scent of a favorite perfume placed on those perfect pulsing spots. Love of sexy swag that makes me go “Ummm!  Ummm!  Ummm!”. Love of knowing I look amazing in a hawt and sexy outfit, a business suit, or just wearing my favorite sweats. Love of my fitted jeans and funky boots. Love of my body encompassing all of its curvy curves.

Love of pure honesty with self and others. Love of respect. Love of forgiving. Love of affirming, acknowledging, acknowledgement, and accountability. Love of trust with no evidence. And, I can go on and on and on…

Love is so much and means so much. It’s infinite. But, simply “Love is life”. As my man Luther Vandross (man I miss him) and Gregory Hines smoothly sang to us with “There’s Nothing Better Than Love”, ♫♪ There’s nothing better than love. What in the world could you ever be thinking of? ♫♪ Without love we are doomed.

On this Valentine’s Day I wish you all love now and for ALWAYS!!! I also charge you to expand your thoughts and feelings of what love is to you and create your own list and perhaps share a couple here. Whether you have someone special and/or you are your special know you are loved. And, remember to be good to you and to others with love way beyond this festive day of love. Be a gift today and ALWAYS! Be love today and ALWAYS! BeDoLove! I love you. Namaste. –kcb #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot #HealingEqualsFreedom

“Love is You” by Chrisette Michele –

“There’s Nothing Better Than Love” Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines-

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