Morning Pop Talk – He Scared

Man Pop dropped some serious “pay attention” science this morning.

Pop: Russia – He’s scared. He’s scared. He’s scared. He did something with Russia. And, he shouldn’t have run. Then he puts his son-in-law in place. What’s he know about the government? That was to keep him under his wing. And, he can pardon him later. Me: WOW!!! (Thinking I never thought of it that way.)

Pop: Hooker – And, then the hooker. Where did he get the money to pay her off? $130,000! If it was from the campaign money or a specific person donated that money…

Pop: Mueller – And, now it comes out he tried to fire him. That’s perjury. It will be fun when he meets Mueller. And, he’s going to have to meet him. Let’s see how fast Ty Cobb is then. (Now you have to follow that one. Let me help you out. Ty Cobb is his lawyer. And, Ty Cobb was a baseball player back in the day who was a six time American League stolen base leader. Get it? Get it?)

You heard it from Pop! See I told you he dropped some serious “pay attention” science.

And, as Pop always says, “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” Peace! #BeDoLove #MorningPopTalk

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