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Soooooooo I was NOT going to see “Get Out” when I first saw the previews because it freaked me out. Black guy dating white gal. Visits her home where I can tell no good will come from it. Nope. Not doing it. Don’t ask. Not me. Especially in these upsetting times. You can check out the trailer and see for yourself. https://youtu.be/A2JbO9lnVLE.

The official synopsis of the movie is an African American man heads upstate to meet his white girlfriend’s parents at their mysterious estate for the first time.

I gave up horror type flicks in my late 20s. The nightmares I was experiencing got the best of me. Truth! But, “Get Out” is currently the talk of the town (and world) amongst my friends with “must go see” reviews. The movie had a budget of $4.5 million to create. And, it earned over $30 million in its first weekend when it opened in the U.S. on February 24, 2017. Good for them! I wouldn’t be surprised if earnings are over an impressive $50 million by now. With the reviews and blockbuster opening, my curiosity was piqued. Then I had a “WHO KNEW” moment when I found out this week that Jordan Peele wrote and directed this movie, which sealed the deal for me to brave it out. Knowing this is Peele of the coo coo for Cocoa Puffs “Key & Peele”, I imagined there would also be clever sillya$$ foolishness to provide balance. And, I love clever sillya$$ foolishness. Shout out to the TSA workers. Where would we be without you all? Oh, and of course Peele had to get the darkest beautiful richness (Daniel Kaluuya-One of those dudes who really has a British accent.) of the dark beautiful richness to play the lead role of Chris Washington (Not to be mistaken with the caramel beautiful richness of the Legendary Chris Washington who we Bison all know and love of my beloved Howard University.) It’s like they went out there to intentionally find the blackest dude they could find to be tormented by white people.

Well, I saw “Get Out” last night and I actually enjoyed it. I give the movie two snaps up and a circle. It was a chock full of suspenseful intense bizaroo fun. (In my Blaine and Antoine get-out4voice.) Mixed with an abundance of what would be considered “no you didn’t say that” racist dialogue. In an LA Times article, at the viewing of the film at this past 2017 Sundance, Peele stated “It was important to me for this movie not to be about this black guy going to the South, to a red state, where the presumption for a lot of people is that everybody’s racist there,” Peele told the audience. “This was really meant to take a stab at the liberal elite that tends to believe that they’re – we’re – above these things.”

get-outFrom the start of the movie I was intrigued and sitting on the edge of my seat and then sometimes as if the seat was my “sunken place” as I witnessed the waterfall shedding of “this ain’t no crying wolf” tears. Check it out if you dare. You’ll find reasons to chuckle a few times amidst the knots forming boulders in your stomach. You may need to sit in the theater for a bit to exhale and woosah. This is to avoid swinging on someone once you enter back into this politically charged climate where humanity is lost as folks are speaking with disrespect as if the swirling spoon served up a dose of truth serum for them.

get-out3And, remember that your gut/intuition is your best friend and guardian angel. Trust and believe when it speaks to you. And, proceed with a sense of urgency to GET OUT to avoid being sucked into the soul-depleting “sunken place”. Enjoy! Peace! At least that’s what I’m going to seek now. Some peace of mind. Maybe over a cup of hot soothing and spoon swirling tea. 😉 Goodness! #BeDoLove #SupportTheArts #BlackIsBeautiful  #BlackLivesMatter #FindYourZen  #SoulFULLPurpose

PS: The previews before the movie for “Girls Trip” looks like ratchet hilarity. I sure hope it’s not a dud. It would be a waste of the beautiful shades of talent. https://youtu.be/h5yWmweMdJc

UPDATE – Spoiler Alerts: Kind of interesting. “These are unconfirmed theories, but still so fun (and creepy!) to think about. ***SPOILERS ABOUND***” https://www.buzzfeed.com/erinchack/things-you-may-have-missed-in-get-out?utm_term=.rfERA7qwZ#.blJA35bWz

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  1. Great review, still not sure, not into the scariness that the trailer gives off, may need to take a shoulder in which to hide my face or just wait till it’s rentable and watch it here. Frankenstein the Carrie put me out of that genre way back in the day but, I’ll keep an open mind. Still not running to see it before I see The Shack, gotta get my spirit focused.

    1. Heeeeeyyyy Carol. The cool thing is it’s not so much horror, but more suspenseful. I suggest Get Out first and then The Shack to get your zen back. Lol Love!

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