Morning “Knicks” Pop Talk – Don’t Poke the Oakley Bear/What Happened to Zen Phil

This is how it went down yesterday.

Me: How are you?

Pop: Okay. Snowed in. But okay. So how are you?

Me: I’m good. I’m at work. 

Pop: (Pop surprised I’m at work.) Oh, so no snow for you?

Me: Yeah. Didn’t snow long and too cold to stick.

Pop: It’s a great difference here. It’s coming down with a vengeance.

Me: What’s up with your boy Oakley? (Speaking of former Knicks player Charles Oakley and him getting put out of the Knicks game last night.)

Pop: He gets carried away every once in a while. Somebody must have said something to him. They should know not to crowd him. But, he should know how to behave too.

Me: You know that ain’t never happen.

Pop: I’m waiting for the other one trying to leave.

Me: Who?

Pop: (Talking about Knicks’ President Phil Jackson) Phil takes the man money and he made the team worse. The great coach. Might have been that. He got help. He’s always had a Black assistant coach with him.

Pop: But, eh, that’s the way that goes. $75 million for 5 years to do what? Nothing. They should have known something was wrong with Phil when he is dating the Laker’s owner’s daughter but couldn’t break into management. Maybe they saw he wasn’t as bright.

Me: The Zen didn’t work. (Phil use to be the Zen master, but it looks like he’s totally fallen off the Zen wagon.

Pop: (burst out laughing and I’m waiting for a comeback but, he just continues laughing).

Pop: That’s funny. (He simply and proudly says. Gold funny, clever star for Kathryn.)

Pop: I did watch some of the game last night. (Clippers vs. Knicks) They (the Knicks) need some defense. They can score, but they need defense.

(We talk a little more and do our farewells.)

Me: Awight Pop.

Pop: Have a good one. Stay warm.

Me: I love you. 

Pop: And, you. Be safe. Love!

Morale of the Story: It’s important to leave one’s ego at the door. Sometimes to feel better about ourselves, humans have a tendency to want to engage with others in a way to get the worst out of them and then play victim. We poke the bear to incite them with the end result being able to say “See I told you they were cray cray.” Or trying to send the message of being incapable and inadequate.

It’s also a big lesson in the importance of forgiveness and letting go. Or at the very least having some decorum. Because, in the end all you’re doing is hurting and suffocating yourself with the anger and bitterness. The big trade deal is always having peace, compassion, grace, joy, and love in your starting lineup. But, ain’t nothing wrong with having a sixth man like Oakley in the wing to keep folks in line.

As Pop always says, “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” Peace! BeDoLove

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