Live Out LOUD in Style & Fashion

The greatest lesson Craig Sager provided is care not what others may think of you. Do YOU in all of your outrageous, colorful, creative, lively, vibrant, and loving way. Many may not understand as they are color blind to the way your light shines. Still wrestling with the childhood woes of stolen or broken 64 count crayons of not being enough. They may ridicule and laugh at you. Even those who may matter most to you. So what?!?! Your essence is not for everyone. Your off the beaten path may not be another’s. You may like paisley and they prefer solids or vice versa. It’s only up to you and those who are inspired and blessed to get YOU, while also exploring and learning themselves. Not that we get to judge the naysayers. Not that others don’t matter. We all do. May be they have to be fed not by you, but another path or being.

So lovelies, today and ALWAYS, breathe life into your essence. Breathe life into YOUR SOULfull purpose. Be FUN! Be COURAGEOUS! Be PASSIONATE! Be YOU! BeDoLove! And, thank you Craig for teaching us this and many other lessons of triumph and grace. Thank you for being you. You definitely LIVED in a fun, graceful, and colorful style and fashion. May you Rest In Peace.

Lovelies what will your legacy be? It begins with LIVING OUT LOUD the #BeDoLove way! Namaste! Peace! Joy! Love! #FindYourZen #BeDoLoveYourSOULfullPurpose #WeNeedYouToSurvive #SweetSpot

Craig Sager’s Inspiring Espys Speech:

Two very nice tribute videos:



He helped save Dennis Rodman:,amp.html?client=safari

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