Thanksgiving Culinary Love

For Thanksgiving, I got to work my magic in the kitchen. Being led by spirit to spend a nice and chill time in the comfort of my home. Which followed by me going all out. I prepared by Curried Butternut Squash Soup (among other things). I usually top it with prosciutto. This time I got real funky with it and topped it with sautéed crab and apples. Which was a hit. Oh yeah!

I also prepared a “Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole”, “Sausage, Apple, Cranberry Stuffing” (I made this for the first time.), “Cornish Hen w/Honey Chipotle Rub”, and “Spinach w/Golden Raisins & Pine Nuts”. And, a couple of friends were gracious enough to prepare the Macaroni and Cheese and the obligatory Sweet Potato Pie. I am about to get acquainted with the day after leftovers in 5.4…

Today I am grateful for breath and life. I’m grateful for the culinary magic I’ve been gifted with. This gift provides me with the magic of expression of love, uniqueness, creativity, and healing. I am grateful for the ability to share this gift with loved ones who get to delight in the love and YUMMYLICIOUSNESS. I love and am blessed to be able to share my culinary treats which are prepared and served as comforting and edible medicines enriched with the savory and sweet textures of love, fun, happiness, and joy. I am grateful for these skillful hands of mine and my five senses that work together to make the magic happen.

Remember to take time out of your normal daily rituals to partake in those things big or small that tap into your creativity. Those things that can bring much joy and pride to your spirit. And, can also inspire and bring joy to others. Peace! #BeDoLove #BeDoLoveCREATE FindYourZen #ICookToHealDelightAndWriteAboutIt

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