Pause! Deal! Heal!



When we don’t heal, we project!

It’s so easy to take our hurts, pains, frustrations, disappointments, etc. out on those who are closest to us. Projecting on to those who are in the line of fire of our long (or short) standing history of baggage we’ve unrightfully claimed. Especially directed to those who love and care deeply for us.

Your loved ones, coworkers, the postman (person), bus driver, supermarket cashier, barista, customer service rep, driver who mistakenly cuts you off, etc. we’re not placed in your path at a specified moment to dump on and be your punching bag. On the other hand, they often times are divinely placed mirrors for lessons, healing and love.  Not to absorb your subtle or overt expressions of pain.  Yet, we tend to play out some self-fulfilling prophecy when those we treat badly no longer want to relate with us as we now play the leading role of victim as opposed to asking ourselves “How did I create this?”

So I ask, what are you refusing to dig in and heal from? Who are you making yourself right to be (masking and pretending) while others absorb and inhale the negative energy you painfully and uneasily exhale?  Your pain will kill you!  Diseases will consume you.  But, what will suffer the most?  Your souls unfulfilled dreams.  A spirit slowly wilting away.  Loved ones and relationships that never peaked to their complete and true potential.  You know what happens to a dream deferred…?

It’s time to heal. I know.  It’s of you and in you.  But, it doesn’t have to be you, because after all it really isn’t.  You just adopted the pain and allowed it to take up residence and take over your made for love beating heart.  Trust, you are not alone.  We all have our demons and crosses to bear.  So I can honestly say, it’s never too late.  Help can be on the way.  All you need do is ask and be open to receive.  Open to heal.  Open to stand up to “it”.  “It” being all of the beings that didn’t love YOU!  Didn’t take care of YOU!  Didn’t nurture YOU!  Abused YOU!  Didn’t protect YOU!  Didn’t listen to YOU!  Didn’t see YOU!  They didn’t, but YOU are strong enough to take a stand for YOU.  Even if it means an ole school “Exorcist” exorcism and bathing in a sea of holy water that eventually beats and drowns “it” out of you.

My lovelies, we have faith in YOU! Hear me when I tell you that time is drawing near.  However, you’re still here in this moment and the next because God is still working in your favor to answer your prayers.  With that, I say to you, it’s time to heal.  Time to be free.  Time to let those you’ve taken hostage free.  Time to show up for thee, he, and she.  Time to be the loving YOU who God made you to BE!  Time to BeDoLove!  Namaste!  –kcb

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