Speedboating Through This Thing Called Life

Speedboating9Let’s face it, sometimes I get caught up, allowing my fears and emotions to lead me. I sometimes getting stuck in the quicksand of the sometimes self-loathing woe is me moments of life. But, when I get out of my way and allow myself to be in the moment, man… To be honest, this doesn’t take too much for me when it comes to experiencing the many wondrous adventures of this infinite world. For the world is truly my… I mean the world is truly OUR oasis and is not to be ignored. When I’m open “The Vortex” is real. Doors and experiences open up with the extension of hands left, right, and center saying “Let’s go, Kathryn, we got you and get you. Let’s continue with the business of living life because we have something new and wonderful for you to experience.” This is when it’s extremely important for me to be present enough to take the hand of those pleasurable and uplifting living in abundance moments.

I get that Mother, Father, God, The Universe will keep providing those “mind blowing” experiences, especially as long as I allow myself to be available and open. What’s special is they are those experiences that allow me/us to recharge, connect, have purpose, breeeathe, exhale, heal, be at peace, and to let me/us know that we are AAALIIIIVVVEEEE!!! And, those experiences allow for those falling in love with life all over and over and over again. Those extraordinary experiences that tingle the “Sweet Spot”.

Why Do I Say All of That?

A few Saturday’s ago I woke to what would be an amazing day. My dear friends Goddesses L&G invited me to join them (and Goddess M) on their speedboat, and I could not resist. I thought this would be a nice way to get myself away from the hustle and excitement of DC and do something different that would delight my spirit. So I journeyed out to Brandywine, MD to meet them at the destined dock and sail out into the Patuxent River. Or correction, speed out as I soon realized our vehicle for the day was a beautiful bright yellow speedboat. VAAAROOOOMMMMM!!!!

First, a little history lesson. The interesting thing is I hadn’t previously thought about the Patuxent River. My experience had been always hearing folks talking or writing about the Potomac River or the Chesapeake Bay.

The Patuxent River is a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay in the state of Maryland. It is the largest and longest river entirely in Maryland, and its watershed is the largest completely within the state. –Wikipedia

The Journey Continues


♪♪Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… ♪♪ To start, I must give thanks to the weather that was beautiful. Especially since the day started out gray and overcast, and there was a prediction of thunderstorms later that afternoon. But, shortly into our serendipitous excursion many of the clouds faded making way to a beautiful bright blue sky with the sun welcoming us with a “Hi beautiful ladies. Welcome to the river!” and us with a genuine “Thank you! We are happy to be here. The pleasure is all ours.” At least that’s what I imagine. And, we journeyed on.

Observe! Dream! Breeeeathe! Exhale!


Now being a passenger in a speedboat was a first for me. And, speeding down the Patuxent River was about to be a curious adventure. We passed bridges, power plants, birds’ nests in the middle of the water, and beautiful river front homes. You know the kind of homes you awe at and in the back in the day childlike way you say “That’s my house.” daydreaming of the day that it comes true. Moments like those truly open or reopen the doors to dreams and desires of life and love and how one wants to spend it. The sites also included those summer day (well almost) like river moments of observing other boaters of friends, families, lovers, fathers and young sons, as they passed by in their small boats, big boats, sailboats, speedboats, yacht-like boats… Observing those who waited through the cold winter with baited breath for the sign that the weather was breaking. As they now just relaxed while taking it all in, fished or were crabbing for those delicious true to form Maryland crabs (not the ones from some other far off land of like New Orleans or overseas). We also witnessed young jet skiers and swimmers exhaling after grinding out a long school year. I hope and pray that they understand and are grateful for the true blessings of their life and not take it for granted.

Taste! Nourish! Connection! Breeeeathe! Exhale!


Speedboating12Of course, a journey such as this MUST include a foodie moment. Even on the high seas. If it doesn’t, it’s not complete for me. Lol. Our destination was Stoney’s in Broomes Island, MD, which is a seafood restaurant right on the river. And, it did not disappoint. After perusing the menu, I decided I just had to get the oysters, which were fresh and smooth. On the menu was a Rockfish Gyro, which was a cause for pause. My inside foodie voice reminded me of my concern of ordering rockfish because of the potential to be overcooked and bland. It was amazing. Seasoned perfectly (almost like blackened) with all of the gyro accoutrements of soft pita bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and tzatziki sauce. A nice representation of Mediterranean meets Maryland. And, we couldn’t resist ordering the onion rings that previously passed us by (eye hustling) on their way to another table. Other delights were the Oyster Rockefellers (baaaaaacccooonn) and the Mussels. All washed down with the “aaaaaaaaaaaa” of a hot days cold Speedboating2brew and piña coladas that included a nice kick of rum and dollop of whip cream. The funny moment was our server who noticed the last name of Goddess G and was determined to find out if they were related. She continued going back and texting her relatives to find out, especially after finding out Goddess G’s family was from the same area. She was too cute. Although I felt, we were having a Rachel Dolezal moment. Hahahahaha… Actually everyone at the restaurant was just very nice and welcoming. That’s really important for us Black folk if you know what I mean.



Courage! Breeeeathe! Exhale!

Speedboating4Well, we were satisfied and full from our vittles, and it was time to speed on back to our starting point. I was surprised yet delighted that I was offered the opportunity to captain the boat, which I could not pass up. Hence, the passenger became the first time speedboat driver. Sure I was a bit tense and fearful as I intently concentrated on the waters, holding on to the wheel with a serious Kung Fu grip. But, it was truly exhilarating and a moment not to be forgotten. Even as I was concentrating and not wanting to recreate that unfortunate moment based on a true story movie “Open Water” (note to self: don’t watch those types of movies), I made a point to look around and take in God. Truly amazing.

Pause! Heal! Breeeeathe! Exhale!

Speedboating6My “Fast and Furious” moment was interrupted as Goddess L’s previous piña colada indulgence and never knowing how it’s going to turn out seal breaking had to be tended to. And, there was a little beach like area we made our way to so the anticipated relieving could take place. Why did they tell me the water was warm (not for that reason)? Sidebar: I hunt for warm water encounters like an addict always seeking that next ultimate fix. I proceeded to undress down to my in my head bikini and got to bathe in the river. I know. I know. You’re probably like “Ewwww you got in that nasty water.” Yep! I did. And, I’ve done it in the Bay too. Addicts don’t care. It’s all about the fix. And, the fix was perfect. I swear it was Speedboating5what my mind, body, and soul required. I glided on my back and just relaxed and absorbed the warmth and comfort of the water. At one point, I ramdomly popped up and declared “I’m at the beach”. Well, that’s what it felt like for me. And, we all busted out with laughter. But, that was my moment of creating a beach moment even on the Patuxent. No one else was as enthusiastic as I was to get into my dreamlike beach for pleasure, but I’m sure they would admit it was a nice moment for us all to just STOP and relax. I must admit it was quite healing for me. And, a couple of days later I felt like I had experienced a cleansing.



See! Pray! Troubleshoot! Breeeeathe! Exhale!

The potty and bathing moment was one of those serendipitous moments that soon turned into an “OH SH*T” potential “Lord of the Flies” moment. When it was time to head back after our beach meditational moment, the boat wouldn’t start. You heard me. It just wouldn’t. The handy pliers were passed and try try as our captain may it just wouldn’t start. Interesting is I noticed boats and the waterways could be similar as with a car. Not starting and making the click sound. The waterways have police and tow boats too.

Speedboating11We called for a tow which she (I mean he-lol-L thought it was a she from their voice on the phone and we knew better, but L kept saying she). It took a bit of time for them to get to us. As we waited, I learned that if you flag down another boat that by law they must stop and render assistance. One gentleman stopped (after L blew that loud @-$*[[*]%> horn thingy) with the cutest four-year-old boy and unsuccessfully attempted to jump us. But, the little boy was a much-needed distraction from our current existence with his inquisitiveness and cute four-year-old boy type conversation. We also found out after loud horning down another boat with a couple, that those distress stops can also be just for the obligatory concern. That awwww I’m so sorry for you, but I didn’t take a mechanics class, but could send you help.

After about two hours of wading in the water (that is while on the boat) and watching Goddess G paddling in circles (don’t tell her that), the tow boat FINALLY arrived. Mike (Brooklyn brethren) did some assessment and “HE” was able to do some tightening and gave the battery a super power jump with the much used rusted yet our savior cables. Thank goodness, because, being towed at only six knots (look at me with the boat lingo) would have sucked and took forever. And, I couldn’t have taken one more and especially one of a “Deliverance” mishap moment. Because, Doris (NPS Ranger who we also had to call while out on the water and convince her that Goddess G had the right color annual sticker-is it green or red) having to come open the gate (which would have probably been 10pm) so we Speedboating8could get our cars out of the park (you know they close at dusk) would probably been that thing to totally push us all over the edge (although L was already there). Humph… Just now thinking about it, that park would have been dark as heck. Smh! But, even in the midst of that mishap, we were still able to presence ourselves and take in the sunset. The water calming itself and the sunset created a much needed woosah moment and a distraction from our uncertain fate. Trust I said some serious prayers during those couple of hours. “Mother, Father, God please send forth the Water Angels and please help and guide Miss I mean Mr. Towman to us and get us back before dark. Please don’t let Goddess G kill Goddess L out here. It is so. Amen!”

Speedboating - Sunset

Give Thanks!

I am sooooo grateful for the experience. ALL OF IT!!! Because even with the mishap, there was opportunity to be in the moment with helping, troubleshooting, diffusing, laughing (the comic relief for me and Goddess M was priceless), appreciating Mother Earth, and just enjoying the moment and each other. It was a reminder for us always to remember to just Breeeeathe! And Exhale! It was perfect. And, for that I am grateful for the friends, blessings, and adventures. I am grateful for those falling in love all over again with life and love, and its many wondrous moments all in the name of BeDoLove. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Ase –kcb

PS: Don’t let Goddess S read this. She might not let Goddess M back out on the boat. Hahahahahaha… Good times.

PSS: Sunscreen!

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” –Unknown


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