Channeling Ali & Prince – Spreading the Word of Love


Recently when traveling I found myself channeling my inner Prince and Muhammed Ali. You see with both of their recent passing I read and viewed wonderful “I didn’t know that” stories on their love for their religious/spiritual practices. Each consistent of being a beacon of light repping their spiritual hood with pride. Prince always gifting his departing guests with a Jehovah’s Witnesses’ bible and at times embarking on the obligatory Saturday door to door crusade. (Can you imagine if one Saturday morning it was Prince knocking on your door? I bet you’d open it then. Lol) And, Muhammed Ali distributing literature to educate the masses about Islam when out and about. Both proud of who they were and their worship. Honored to being the change they wanted to see for a kinder, loving, and courageous living outside the box world. They talked it and backed it up by walking it even if it was in high heeled white furry boots with blinking lights.

Spreading Love - PrinceWhile recently on a plane traveling to Houston, there was a woman in my row positioned in the aisle seat and me by the prized window seat. As I eye hustled, I saw that she was reading and had a bookmark. Deciding I should be productive, I opened up my work folder to look over materials in preparation for my Radio One presentation and out popped my BeDoLove bookmarks. I placed them in my folder the night before. It was one of those last minute just in case throw-ins. At that moment I thought “Humph… I should give her a bookmark.” For I deemed this indeed an unexpected “just in case” moment.

Now understand I am not typically the type to strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know. However, I have made deliberate efforts through the years to improve on that skill as a way to engage, connect, and grow. Typically when I have spoken about BeDoLove with someone I’m meeting for the first time it’s because of a friend’s introduction due to their love and support.Spreading Love - Muhammad_Ali_and_Jimmy_Carter

So, I proceed to have an on and off conversation with self for probably more than half the flight. Do I? Don’t I? Do I? Don’t I. And, then I realized that this isit Kathryn. It won’t always be comfortable. But, this is your moment to talk it and walk it with someone I have no connection to other than The Universe placing us next to each other on this faithful flight. With that, I reached in my folder and retrieved a bookmark and did a polite and hopefully non-startling “excuse me” and gifted her with a BeDoLove bookmark that includes a favorite passage of mine. It’s “A Return to Love” from Marianne Williamson. My row mate took it from me as I gave a briefing on the mission of BeDoLove and the bookmark. She thanked me and our interaction was complete.

For a brief moment, I thought of it being such a brief exchange with no further engaging or curiosity by her. But, that was fine for it was no time for ego. My hope is one day in her quiet time she reads the bookmark and has a moment of inspiration that will propel her to a breakthrough moment. A “Woman Who Colors Outside the Lines” moment. One that will bring her and her family much joy and shining moments forever and ever. Amen! For that is all that truly matters. Wouldn’t you agree?

Maybe I need to get more bookmarks printed up to serve as a continuous reminder that, “When we/you shine it gives others permission to shine.” I repeat, “When we/you shine it gives others permission to shine.” And, that’s a gospel worth spreading every day. Please join me. It’s the BeDoLove way. Love!  #BeDoLove  #IAmWRITER  #UnleashYourSoulfullPurpose  #FindYourZen

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  1. Sharing the BeDoLove. Added one of the bookmarks to Terry McMillan’s I Almost Forgot About You that I mailed to my mom in Mt Vernon NY this morning. Loving it!

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