Lemons to Delicious Sweet Lemonade: BeDoLove Super Bowl Edition


My friends, Lemons ALWAYS have the capacity to make a delicious, sweet, soothing, close your eyes as it smoothly goes down, thirst quenching lemonade.  That’s right, just close your eyes and visualize it, ahhhhhhhhhhhh…   It’s just what we decide to do with those sometimes discouraging, disappointing, and unexpected circumstances that make the difference.  Uncomfortable challenging experiences will happen.  They will always happen.  But, we must remember that there’s always a reason for those unsavory situations that often occur at that time when we feel we are on the upswing of our lives.

The Choice is Yours

Those hit you in the gut unsuspecting life changing situations can be used to propel you in to glory or in to complete destruction.  It’s ultimately your call.  Let’s face it, we have enough outside forces, dream snatchers, light dimmers or kill joys to contend with.  There’s no room for them in your loving wanting to do better and be better lives.  However, there is definitely no room for you getting in your own way when thrown a challenge.  During these times it’s important to “Let YOUR Light Shine”!  “Be YOUR Gift!”

On this Super Bowl Sunday, I’m reminded of the NFC Championship game a couple of weeks ago with the Packers vs. Seahawks.  The Seahawks already had three turnovers in the game and were down 16-0 going in to the second half.  They could have rolled over, gave up, allowed the naysayers to win, or created an energy in the stadium of doom to take over their hearts.  But, they didn’t.  They BELIEVED!   The Seahawks choose COURAGE and FAITH.  Ultimately they went on to win (22-28) humbly and full of emotion with the Super Bowl XLIX in their future. (ummm hmmm… Is that 81?  No the X before the L means…  Come on I learned Roman Numerals back in elementary school.  You expect me to remember what that is.  Use it or lose it.)

So what’s it going to be for you?  Choose!  “Despair or Faith?!”  “Anger or Forgiveness?!”  “Hate or Love?!”  “Intolerance or Compassion?!”  “Fear or Courage?!”  “Sadness or Joy?!”  “Apathy or Passion?!”  “Tears or Laughter?!”  CHOOSE!!!  Yeah I’m yelling, because it really is life or death right now.  Literally LIFE or DEATH!!!  Raise of hands, how many of you have had someone in your life pass away?  Wait why am I glossing it over.  How many people in your life have DIED (physically or just choosing not to live) in the past month alone or you had a friend experience that sort of news?  Not just our elders.  I’m talking about human love beings in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.  Shoot even young people in their teens or 20s.  To borrow a line from the movie Love Jones “Let me tell you somethin’.  This here, right now, at this very moment, is all that matters to me…” (sigh, I so love that scene) Well it’s urgent right now people.


Don’t Block the Blessings

We only have this life to live and the Universe has so much more out there for us if we only get out of the way and allow what already IS (that’s right your destiny is and has always been in the works) to flow in and enter our lives.  Stop blocking the beautiful blessings that are just waiting for you to open the door and let them smoothly in.  That peaceful, welcoming, and filled with love home.  Bountiful finances to take care of home and self and some extras to indulge in your tantalizing delights.  Your true love that you are so deserving of that allows your heart to breathe and flutter with life and living and growing.  A fly azzz or just getting you from A to Z vehicle.  A wondrous trip.  A beautiful family that is full of love, nurturing, and good times.  Toe curling (You ever felt that joint cramp up?  YIKES!!), HAWT, and passionate love making sessions.  That often desired and dreamed about career, hobby, or venture that’s about time that you make happen.


The Time is Now

Whatever it is for you, it is yours to be discovered and welcomed in to your inviting and accepting flow with the curious and exploring childlike eyes and open heart of yesteryear.  Those big bright yellow expensive (you see the cost of lemons in the grocery store lately) tart lemons with the taste hitting you right on the right side of your neck can ultimately be that gift from God to push you in the direction of WAKING YOU UP and LIVING YOUR DESTINY.  Your true calling.  What you were actually put on this earth for.  What???  You thought you were just dropped here for no apparent reason but to suck the life out of others?  Nuh uh my friends.  Your higher self is just waiting to be tapped in to and released.

So you’re struggling. You’re suffering.  You’re scared.  You’re uncertain.  You’re paralyzed.  But, you want to get out.  You NEED to get out.  You want to be FREE.  You want to BREATHE.  I bet you already received the message of your gift.  Matter of fact, I KNOW you have already received it.  But you’re just too darn afraid to listen.  Too afraid to hear because that would mean you would have to stretch and operate out of your self-imposed unrealistic comfort zone.  Too afraid of disappointments again.  Too afraid of those curled up in the bed crying like a baby pain moments again.

lemons2I get it.  But, the time is now.  We have absolutely no more time to waste on this nonsense.  I think we have already experienced enough painful lessons.  So Pause!  Breathe!  Be Still/Meditate!  Breathe!  Cry!  Breathe!  Listen!  Breathe!  Mourn!  Breathe!  Process!  Breathe!  Listen More!  Breathe!  LET GO!  SHIFT!  REJOICE!  LIVE!  BE!!!  DO!!!  LOVE!!!  Can you just taste it?  That delicious, sweet, soothing, close your eyes as it smoothly goes down, thirst quenching lemonade,  That’s right, just close your eyes and visualize it.  Umm…  Umm…  Umm… Ahhhhhhhhhh…  Chiiiiillle you got this!!!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday love beings!  I love you, but you have to love you too first.  ONWARD!!!  And, BeDoLove!  Namaste  –kcb

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune.  Lemons suggest bitterness, while lemonade is a sweet drink.  The phrase was initially coined by Christian anarchist writer Elbert Hubbard in a 1915 obituary he penned and published for dwarf actor Marshall P. Wilder.  Although the expression was coined by Hubbard, many modern authors attribute the expression to Dale Carnegie who used it in his book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.

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  1. Awesome write Ms. Boxill. Keep doing what your doing words are powerful especially when there’s validity to whats being said.

    1. Thanks Ras for taking the time to drop by and take in my blog! So pleased to hear that this blog post was right on time. I hope yesterday you turned an experience from “Lemons to Delicious Sweet Lemonade”. Would love to hear about it if you care to share. 🙂 Much love! And, continue to BeDoLove!

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