Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & Dope Pop – 🎶Let’s Take a Long Walk…🎶

Honestly, I’ve been shielding Pop I’m sure more than I should. Knowing he too needs fresh air and to stretch his legs. Well, because Pop’s hearing matters, this morning we made a visit to Miracle Ear for much needed adjustments to Pop’s hearing aids. Tony at Miracle Ear in Silver Spring (off New Hampshire Ave.) was nice enough to do curbside pick up. And, he tended to the aids while we waited in the car. Really professional and nice guy.


For some scenic driving, on the way home I detoured to Sligo Creek Parkway. It was so beautiful and calming that it was worth a stop and walk. A pretty short walk for Pop, but a nice one nonetheless.

Pop: This is beautiful. So many trees. They have to make sure to preserve places like this.

Remember to take moments to get some sun, fresh air, and nature love. Our body and spirit requires it. And, that goes for me with more walking/hiking. Make it a great day. And, as Pop says, “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” #BeDoLove #CaregiversMatter

PS: The Bagelry was right next door to Miracle Ear. The Reuben on a Marble Rye bagel was everything. I can’t wait to try their Lox Spread on an Everything Bagel. Had a nice chat with Steve who gave perfect recommendations.

Me: Pop I’m going to check out the bagel shop. (Because, I know Pop loves a good bagel.)

Pop: Corned beef. (tee hee)


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