🎶You Got to Pray Just to Make it Today…🎶

LaTonia Taylor the RevCoach of Rebirth International says it’s the paradigm shift and game changing season. And, I agree and hope you do too. I must admit, while I do pray I’ve felt a longing to learn more about prayer and how to be more specific and intentional about it as a daily spiritual practice. And, trust me when I tell you the RevCoach is the truth. She’s been coaching and mothering me through a serious ReBirth for the past year. Can’t wait for the 48 Day Prayer Challenge starting tomorrow, June 1 @ 7am. Click here for more info and to join. https://mailchi.mp/rebirthinternational/48dayprayers All Faiths Welcome. Open to Men & Women. Reserve 30 Min OR LESS. All 48 Days is NOT required. Peace! #ParadigmShift48 #Prayer #BeDoLove

The RevCoach LaTonia says:

“Join #ParadigmShift48 as a building block to this new relationship with yourself & that God within.” — RevCoach

“Sometimes, I forget this. Prayer is my friggin #SuperPower.

I confess, as much evidence as I have there are times when I do NOT use my (spiritual) tools.

(Can you relate?)

Oh, but when I do remember….The Game changes!!

I don’t know about you… but, I am in a Game-Changing Season. Distractions are kryptonite & come like rapid fire, when I get lost in “doing” instead of “being” leading the way.

Prayer is not reserved for the religious. It can be your #SuperPower too, especially when nothing is wrong yet good can be even better.

Join us for #ParadigmShifting Prayers at 7amEST during this 48 Day Challenge.

☆☆What are we challenging?

Limitations, hidden or not!

IT’S FREE GAME, so no excuses.” — RevCoach

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