Bah Humbug to the Holiday Blues – 🎶I Know You Heard Me on the Radio. TRRUUUEEEE!!!🎶-

The holidays can be a time of celebration and spending time with families and friends, but for many LGBTQ+ people that is not always the case. Still, in today’s time, many LGBTQ+ people do not feel comfortable or welcome with their families.

Tune in for a special Inside Out LGBT Radio show today Tuesday, December 19th 2pm-3pm EST. As a special panel of INSIDE OUT LGBT RADIO collective members discuss ways to navigate the holiday seasons with or without families and still be true to your LGBTQ+ identity. 

Tune in every Tuesday 2pm-3pm on WPFW 89.3FM or stream us live online at


Tune in! Call in! Share!

202-588-0893 #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose #HealingEqualsFreedom

Update: If you missed this show here is the recorded link. You can listen at home, at your desk, while driving, preparing dinner… Come back and share your thoughts. Thank you for the love and support. See you next time. Enjoy! Love!

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