ðŸŽķI Know You Heard Me on the Radio. TRRUUUUEEEE!!!ðŸŽķ- Please Tune in Today

Join INSIDE OUT LGBT Radio live TODAY, Tuesday February 14th for a special Valentine’s Day show from 2pm-3pm EST. You can catch the show on DC’s WPFW-FM at 89.3 or live stream ANYWHERE from your computer, phone or tablet at http://www.wpfwfm.org.

The entire INSIDE OUT LGBT team (including yours truly) will be discussing the many different aspects of “Love” for the LGBTQ and universal community. For example “Does love trump hate?” “What does love, non-judgment and acceptance look like?” “How relationship and family building have changed for the LGBTQ community, and how it may continue to change.” 

We are also in a winter pledge drive and your support is necessary and appreciated. No donation is too small. Please call in to be of contribution to WPFW-FM and INSIDE OUT Radio. It’s the only way this important program (and many many others) gets to air and provide an important voice to the community.

Please share. Set your reminders. We want to hear from you. Call in to share your VOICE, thoughts, stories, and ask questions (202-588-0893). Send us good vibes. Make it a great “love” day. Love up on somebody today and ALWAYS, including YOU! Be great. Happy “Love” Day! Love! Kathryn #WPFW #InsideOutRadio #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #SoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot

PS: Please subscribe to our podcast to enjoy previous shows. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wpfw-inside-out/id1157698311?mt=2

Update: If you missed today’s show here is the recorded link to delight you. You can listen at home, at your desk, while driving… Even while taking a bath while listening to my soothing voice. (tee hee) Enjoy! Love! http://archive.wpfwfm.org/mp3/wpfw_170214_140000lmpab.mp3

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