♪♪Lest We Forget How Fragile We Are♪♪

You ever hear, touch, smell, taste, or see something that resonates with you so much that it sends awakening chills and affirms your ever communicating to you Soul. On this beautiful Sunday, I experienced a beautiful and melodic song/video of Stevie Wonder & Sting singing the profound lyrics of “Fragile” which brought forth tears from my longing heart. My tears flowing with the continuous longing for relationships where we know we’ve all had our experiences of disappointments and deep rooted pain. And, in that there is respect, compassion, nurturing, and love which leads to mutual healing for each other because NONE are exempt.

A swirling smoke released wish from the heart of another knowing that I am fragile too. And, because I too am fragile (again NONE are exempt) I see, I feel, I hear the fragile in you. And, when I say “I got YOU” you’ll know it’s true because we all deserve to run bare feet and be free in the vibrantly green meadows of flowers in richly colored bloom.

Today I humbly request of you to have feelings of compassion for another who in this moment is not able to see the light through their pain. To see. To hear. To feel. To nurture. To forgive. To love unconditionally. To plant your feet firmly before the beautiful made from God soul regardless of their many gut punches sending bolting, stinging, and conflicting “is this really love” messages to your heart of gold. This with the hope that one day they get IT/YOU and the punches turn into words, actions, and touches of love on their soft place to land because they now get themselves too. You only retreating if it becomes too much that you have to throw in the towel because your heart can no longer be subjected to another round for it triggers and causes your spirit to now die slowly too.

And, to those in the midst of the pain I charge you with letting the tall rusted bars that separate you from another and more importantly yourself, swing open with trust. To see. To hear. To feel. I repeat, to TRUST. To love YOU. To love them. To courageously speak your truth and articulate what you really need. This is so imperative for true compassion to exist. Because, only then can another understand and give from a place that will aid in bringing the bright beet red color back to your beautiful, deserving, and wanting beating heart. But, understand you too must stand firm in your trusting, forgiving, and healing to cease the continuous acts of projecting that alienates and therefore sabotage and breathes dragon like life to your self-fulfilling prophecies of “I don’t matter.” “And, neither do you.”

We all deserve to walk through this divinely ordered life with the gift of giving and receiving love ultimately setting and keeping us free. A freedom that catapults us to living a humane life of abundantly filled love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, and being in service to why we were put here in this moment, to begin with. Simply, be good to yourself and each other. ♪♪Lest we forget how fragile we are… How fragile we are, how fragile we are… ♪♪ Peace! Love! Namaste! BeDoLove!

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  1. Yes, please, be kind to each other. Learn to see that in true Jamaican form we are one people. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Do what makes you smile and live like today your last.

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